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July 11th- The Sue Line from another Viewpoint and a Suprise Ending

posted Jul 12, 2013, 4:09 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jul 12, 2013, 4:11 PM ]
Paul Harwell has been a member of the Sue Line Crew for many years. To some of us he is known as "TallPaul" as he is, quite simply--- tall.

Let's joint Paul Harwell (below) as he given us another view of the Sue Line.

An overview of part of Shreveport Terminal. The first 10 tracks are Ginnings Yard (above, left). The next three tracks are NoLaCRA Yard. The final 10 tracks are Riverfront Yard. Jim Willis (white shirt) is the Yard Master tonight and Rob Robins (red shirt) is the Ginnings Operator.

In the foreground we can see the Diesel Facility. There are ready tracks, the four to the left of the photo. Service tracks, the two to the right of the photo, and Heavy Repair tracks the three entering the shop area. THe outside track by the shops is the fuel and supply track.

A closer look at the Diesel Facility in Shreveport.

North Park from a new view. He we see Charlie DeVillbiss
using the North Park Switcher to spot cars from his train.

Another view of Leming Gas in the town of Leming.
The spur is to the left and the south OS is to the right.

Sue City from the north end looking south.
We see extra board engineer Rodney Dixon (railroad hat)
working his train with the assistance of Mose Crews
(Blue Cap and headset) who is the Sue City Operator.

A shot of Sue City from the south end, looking south.
Mose Crews and Rodney Dixon are still busy.

Things were going rather smoothly until about 9:45 pm when suddenly,
there was a large clap of thunder and all went blank, except---

The dispatcher's office. All the computers and
monitors are on UPS units. Chief Dispatcher,
Richard Kamm (above) calmly shut down all
the computers and the session was over.

Joint us next week for another and perhaps longer session.