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July 15th - We are not where we thought we were...

posted Jul 18, 2010, 7:25 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jul 18, 2010, 8:09 PM ]
WE thought we were doing well and that all was good, but  we found out differently. First for the good news Jason Busey (below, left) brought over some large steam (below, right) to try out on the Sue Line. All went well and we thought things were really rolling.

But, I am getting ahead of myself. First there was more work on the Third District. Lead by David Colvin (below, red and blue shirt), Ken Ellison (below, red shirt) and Rodney Dixon (below, blue shirt) discussed how the third district would work out

There was not a great deal of interest in building, but a lot in operating.

Here we see Matt Tessier (above with cap) and Doran McQueary (above, no hat) ready to get to work and John Arnold (below) had given up making cables to become a railfan.

Charlie DeVillbiss (below, left)  was busy at Sue City while Paul Harwell (below, right) was hard at work at the Lake Hamilton Paper Company.

Danny Garland (below, left) had gone to work at Shreveport Yard, while David Colvin (below, right) had settled in at Alexandria Yard.

A good time was being had by all as seen when we check in on Ken Ellison (below, red shirt) on the mainline at Crews Siding, Jason Busy (below, pink shirt) on the mainline at Leming and Paul Harwell (below, gray shirt) the Maryville Operator.

Thing were also going well for Rodney Dixon (below, left) on the mainline behind Lake Hamilton and Doran McQueary (below, right) on the mainline at Brandon.

Locomotive, both BIG and small were active on the railroad.

We also had operators both big and small as Doran McQueary had brought his daughter Emily (both shown above).

Things were going smoothly and there were five operators on the mainline when suddenly disaster struck. The dispatcher panel quit communicating to the South Jeauxville and the Richard towers (the last two TC-64's). After some extensive investigation we found out old nemesis. wiring errors was the cause for the disruption.

Back on April 29th (the night the lights went out) the loconet communication cable from North Jeauxville to South Jeauxville had been installed. On close investigation it was found that the orang and white with orange were connected at one end, but the brown and white woth brown were connected at the other.

So much for being error free!

As John Arnold had been a rail fan and had left early, Ken Ellison (above) stepped forward and made new cable connections. After than all was again well in the land of the Sue Line.