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July 22nd- A Gulf Breeze comes in

posted Jul 25, 2010, 6:33 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jul 25, 2010, 11:37 AM ]
It was like a sound from the past when I heard to call in the dispatcher's office.
Dispatch, this is Gulf Breeze asking for clearance to enter the railroad at Richardson. Could it be that passenger service was back on the Sue Line? Engineer David Colvin (below) was indeed on board the passenger train which was ready, once again to ride the rails of the Sue Line.

It was another night of operation for the Sue Line Crew. Charlie DeVillbiss (below) had again taken on the job as Sue City operator.

Danny Garland (below) had once again decided to work the Shreveport Yards.

And this week, Paul Harwell (below) had taken on te job as the Maryville Operator, as Mose Crews was still on vacation.

The main line crews were active as in addition to David Colvin who was alos working as the Alexandria Yard operator, there was Ken Ellison (Below, left) and Jim Willis (below, right).

Also active on the Extra Board was Rodney Dixon (below).

Once again, Charles Kneipp (below) was working under rather than on the railroad, as he continued with he re-wiring project.

In addition to the Gulf Breeze (below, left), new power arrived for the E-Branch (below,right).

And, thanks to Doran McQueary, there were even new cars on the railroad as Doran had previously completed a beautiful set of KCS grain cars (below).

After the operation session there was much discussion about the Third Districk, but not much work.....

And yes, the Christmas tree is still up, but it is now closer to Christmas that it is since Christmas, so we may just be early!