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July 25- Riding with Ken Ellison on Train 127.

posted Jul 26, 2013, 6:33 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jul 26, 2013, 8:26 PM ]
The night was warm and the Sue Line crew was hot and ready for some fun.

Having come from Ginnings Yard through River Front Yard,
and now on to the mainline, Train 127 is ready to roll.

Here we see Train 127 awaiting a proceed signal.

Train 127 is the southend local and has almost no switching north of Maryville.
Here we see Train 127 about to enter the north end of Sue City.

A look from the other direction at Train 127.

The worker is busy at Ellison Shipping,
named for Frank Ellison of New Orleans and
model railroading operation pioneer with his Delta Lines.

Train 127 seen about to leave Sue City.

A shot from the highway bridge as Train 127 heads south.

One last look at Train 127 as it leaves Sue City.

With no switching, Train 127 is quickly at Crawley's Ridge.

A look back at Crawley's Ridge.

A look from the Gulf States Lines interchange as Train 127 enters Robert's Crossing.

Train 127 can be seen passing under the
old highway bridge in Robert's Crossing.

Near the middle of Robert's Crossing we seen Train 127
is cleared at the crossing with The Colvin Family Lines.

As Train 127 prepares to leave Robert's Crossing,
it passes under the new highway bridge.

Train 127 in the woods between Robert's Crossing and Leming.

In Leming, we see patrons at the station awaiting the new Amtrak train.

A shot of Train 127 as it leaves Leming.

Train 127 passes under Black Bridge.

It just wouldn't be the south with Dixie Beer!

As Train 127 leaves Crew's Siding,
we see that the road crew is still at work.

Train 127 passes by a passenger depot
on the E-Branch as it nears E-B Tower.

At E-B tower we see Train 127 has a permissive signal
for the mainline in Maryville.

As Train 127 takes the main, we see a north bound
extra board train on the siding in Maryville.

At the south end of Maryville, Train 127 has some switching to do.

Train 127 is leaving Maryville.

Train 127 is in the woods between Maryville and Ft. Barrow.
Ft. Barrow was named in honor of David Barrow of Austin, Texas
who has the wonderful Cat Mountain and Santa Fe.

Train 127 meets another north bound extra train at Ft. Barrow.

Train 127 is about to enter Great Bridge.

Having made it over Great Bridge,
Train 127 passes a corn field.

Train 127 crosses Mary Anne Bridge just north of Pinecrest.

Train 127 awaits a permissive on the north end of Pinecrest.

Train 127 passes Mardi Gras Mills in the middle of Pinecrest.

Moving from Pinecrest to North Park, Train 127 passes I.C. Sparks.

Train 127 on the north end of North Park.

Train 127 is crossing Ferne Bridge as it leaves North Park.

After crossing Ferne Bridge, Train 127 enters Sherwood.

Train 127 in North Sherwood.

Train 127 in the woods between North Sherwood and south Sherwood.

South Sherwood, home of  the D.O.G.

Train 127 approaches the basqule bridge
between South Sherwood and Jeauxville.

Train 127 on the basquel bridge.

Train 127 on the Island between
South Sherwood and Jeauxville.

Train 127 on the long tressel between
South Sherwood and Jeauxville.

As Train 127  leaves the tressel it enters Jeauxville.
The sidewheeler car ferry in the foreground was built
by member Jim Willis.

Train 127 cruises into Jeauxville.
The structure in the foreground is John Allen Oil
and was built by THE John Allen of the world famous
Gorre and Diaphetid. It was a gift from the late Cliff Robinson of
the Marquette Union Terminal railroad in Dallas, Texas.

Train 127 in downtown Jeauxville.

Train 127 starts to move out of Jeauxville headed for NoLaCRA Yard.

Train 127 is the woods south of Jeauxville.

Train 127, at Richardson, meets
two north bound trains at Crew Change.

At the end of its run,
Train 127 enters Track 1 of NoLaCRA Yard,
just north of Alexandria.

A note of thanks to Ken Ellison for the photos of tonight's session.
I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have.