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July 29th- A Good Time to Clean Track and Wheels

posted Aug 1, 2010, 3:42 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Aug 2, 2010, 8:04 PM ]
The amount of time that the track has been cleaned since December 2009, has been minimal, about one or two hours to be exact. So tonight was the night to correct that statistic. The following photo below from Ken Ellison shows the wheels being cleaned on a NoLaCRA locomotive.

More action involved:

A photo by Rob Robins shows Doran McQueary (above, gray shirt) and Danny Garland (above, red shirt) discussing where to start cleaning.

Two photos from Rob Robins show Charlie DeVilbis (above) is hard at work in his favorite town, Sue City.

This photo from Rob Robins shows Jason Busey (above) at work cleaning the rails in Robert's Crossing.

Here we see Ken Ellison (above, blue shirt) and Doran McQuaery (above, gray shirt) along with his daughter, Emily working in Sherwood and Dutchman Falls in a photo from Rob Robins.

The photo above, from Ken Ellison, shows Doran McQueary and Emily running the track cleaning train at North Park.

A photo from Rob Robins shows Paul Harwell(above) with cleaning materials in hand is getting ready to start cleaning in Lake Hamilton; while the photo by Ken Ellison shows Paul hard at work in Lake Hamilton.

Both the photo on the left from Ken Ellis and the photo on the right from Rob Robins show Danny Garland (above, red shirt) and Danny along with Ken Ellison (above, blue shirt) discussing the best way to clean track.

A quite moment under Keithville is shared between Doran McQueary (above) and his daughter Emily.

Rodney Dixon (above) is hard at work vacuuming up the floor under Jeauxville.

MOse Crews was also present, but managed to avoid having his photo taken.


Where was Richard Kamm?

Either playing in the back yard in Baton Rouge with his grandchildren, Parker age 2, Lillie Kate age 4 and Owen age 2 or---

Enjoying supper with two other grandchildren, Ainsley age 7 and Alayna, age 9 and his wife, Sue, age-????