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July 31st- A Northbound Freight and New Video

posted Aug 4, 2014, 5:47 PM by Sue Line RailRoad
Things were back to normal on the Sue Line, but no one got all the quiz questions right.
Tonight we will follow a north bound freight.

A look into Ginnings Yard shows several trains ready to head northbound.

Here we have a close up of our train ready to head north with
Peaceful Valley and Utopia (PV&U) #381 on the lead.

The northbound freight is entering Jeauxville.

Looking from the other direction,
we see the northbound freight pulling into Jeauxville.

The northbound freight has gotten a
proceed indication at the north end of Jeauxville.

Here we catch the northbound freight further up the line
as it enters South Pinecrest.

As the northbound freight enters Leming,
an 18-wheeler tries to "beat the train".

As so often happens, the northbound train won the race.
Thankfully due to the slow speed of the northbound
as it entered Leming, little damage was done and
hopefully a lesson is learned.

Once the wreck is straightened out,
the northbound train continues on and
is waiting for a proceed indication at south Sue City.

Now at the north end of Sue City,
the northbound freight is seen
passing a southbound freight.

The northbound freight is seen on the mainline at Robinson.

The northbund freight is next seen at
the north end of Robinson near the
Marquette Union Terminal (MUT)

The northbound freight is seen near Brandon station.

As the northbound freight is nearing the end of its run,
we get a shot as it enters Brandon.

A special thanks to Ken Ellison who provided the photographs of this session.