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July 7th- Year Two Begins.....

posted Jul 9, 2011, 1:07 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jul 9, 2011, 2:11 PM ]
With the first year of operations using DCC behind us, we began year two.

The car ferry boat, built and a Lone Star Region contest winner, is being loaded in Jeauxville (above).

Looking better than after the earthquake last year, Union Street Yard in Shreveport (above, left) was a bustle with trains. Danny Garland (above, right) was overseeing yard operations.

The south end of the railroad was under the watchful eye of Charlie DeVillbiss (above, left). Charlie DeVillbiss appears busy in South Alex Yard, but is that some five fingered switching or just a re-railing of a car (above, right)?

Mose Crews ( above,left ) appears to be enjoying switching Sue City as the Sue City Operator.

Mose Crews ( above,left ) appears to be enjoying switching Sue City as the Sue City Operator. A train has completed its switching and is about the leave Sue City (above, right).

Matt Tessier (above,left) is busy as the Maryville Operator or MoP in Maryville. Matt is that a D & R loco (above, right) switching in Maryville?

Mainline Trains were moving along quite well thanks to operators such as Ken Ellison (above, left) who is about to enter Brandon and later (above, right) his train is seen near a cut of cars in Leming.

Rob Robbins (above, left) who is busy switching a train in Roberts Crossing. Later, we see Rob Robbins about to enter Pinecrest (above, left).

Also keeping trains moving on the mainline were Lionel Brangham who early in the evening is working a "switch puzzle" in North Park (above, left) and who near the end of the evening is also working the same train in North Park (above,right).

Todd Tessier who is checking his switchlist before entering Maryville (above, left, dark shirt) and who is abput to enet Maryville to work with his older brother Matt Terrier (above, right, white shirt).

When things get slow on the mainline, Charles Kneipp (above, left) can be found reading instruction sheets while is train is waiting for a signal at Ferne Bridge over Stone Canyon (above, right).

The Assistant Dispatcher was Jim Willis (above), who also provided the photos of this session. Thanks again Jim.

The Dispatcher for the evening was Richard Kamm (above).


A loco string of a Sue Line and two MUT (Marquette Union Terminal of the Cliff Robinson) engines moves onto a train in I-49 West Yard in Blanchard.The MUT engines were painted and lettered by Richard Day of Dallas, Texas.

Train 222, the paper products train, is in front of a string of new CFL hoppers which were painted and lettered by Doran McQueary.

A rare photo of the experimental gold and blacl Sue Line pain scheme is noted on 4027 as it passes thru Alexandria Yard.