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July 8- Op Session #3

posted Jul 11, 2010, 10:32 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jul 15, 2010, 4:33 AM ]
Once again the evening began with work on the Third District. Mose Crews (Below, black shirt) and Jim Willis (below, white shirt) move more of the old railroad and the old wiring out of the way to install more of the framework for the new portion of the railroad.

While Rodney Dixon (below, foreground) and Danny Garland (below, background) assisted in moving thing around to make more room for work.

Paul Harwell (below, black shirt) and Matt Tessier (below, maroon shirt) supervise as best they can. No it is NOT Christmas, we just have been too busy to take down the Christmas tree....

Meanwhile, in the dispatchers office David Colvin (below, blue shirt) was reviewing the latest creation by Rob Robbins (below, black shirt), a computerized version of the EXTRA BOARD, train sheets.

Upstairs, Charlie Devillbiss (below), a wonderful draftsman, was working on yet another project-- Charlie is making a detailed map of the power blocks (Zone Master regions).

After about an hour, once again it was time to


Here we see Charlie DeVillbiss (above, yellow shirt) and Rodney Dixon at Sue City (above left) and Danny Garland at Shreveport (above, right)

Rob Robbins (above, right) discusses a switching move with Charlie DeVillbiss (above, yellow) while at Sue City. From the photo on the left, Rob must think he was right.....

Matt Tessier (above) is "busy as the Maryville Operator.

Paul Harwell (above) runs a mainline train from Robert's Crossing into the south end of Sue City.

Jim Willis (above) kep Rob Robbins' steam locomotive at Alexandria Yard.

David Colvin (above) got out of the dispatchers office and on to a train which was busy switching at Dutchman Falls.

And Mose Crews (above) was able to move from Maryville to the mainline and is busy with a train at Jeauxville.

But where was Charles Kneipp during all the fun? Why he is in his "natural Habitat", working on switch machime wiring- some things never change.