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July 16th- New Maps and Robinson

posted Jul 17, 2015, 8:34 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jul 18, 2015, 6:55 PM ]
This week we will take a look at the town of Robinson.

The town of Robinson, which was named for model railroading pioneer Cliff Robinson of Dallas, Texas, is all about Robinson Oil Company and the Marquette and Union Terminal (MUT) railroad which Cliff Robinson enjoyed so much. Cliff Robinson shared his railroad with like minded soles and was the source of much joy for so many modelers.

This week we are using a new map which was drawn by Charlie DeVillbiss, a long time member of the Sue Line crew.

Charlie DeVillbiss is a man of many talents. " Mr. Charlie" was at one time a steam locomotive engineer and remains of expert on the operation and function of steam locomotives. Charlie DeVillniss is also an expert in railroad photography and railroad history. He is also an excellent operator and loves switching.

This photo is taken at the south end of Robinson.
You may note that oil wells are abundant in Robinson.

Here we see an overshot of the Robinson Oil Office.
Cliff Robinson's black Cadillac is parked outside and
oil storage drums are noted out back.

Here is a work crew working out back of the office of the Robinson Oil Company.

Here we see the scratch built oil loading racks.
These racks we made by Cliff Robinson and a few details were added.

Most of the time, you will see tank cars at these oil loading ramps.

Today, we also see the Sperry Rail Car number 126 on a spur at the north end of Robinson.
Several years ago, Sperry Rail Car number 126 was driven by associate Sue Line crew member Robert DeLaPetra who now works for the railroads of Chicago Illinois.

Further north we see a boxcar spotted on the interchange track with the Marquette Union Terminal (MUT). At the time this railroad was first built, Cliff Robinson lived on Marquette Street in Dallas, Texas. The railroad was known as the MUT lines and the loco was a puppy with its tongue hanging out.

As we finish our tour of Robinson, once again we see an oil well.