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July 9th- The North End of Sue City

posted Jul 12, 2015, 3:13 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jul 12, 2015, 3:57 PM ]
Tonight we will finish our tour of Sue City by taking a look at the industries and activities of the North End. We will begin with the Trinity Heights Grain facility (below).

All of my children went to Trinity Heights Christian Academy and their mascot was the Golden Eagle. It was only natural that I name an industry for this part of our past. The structure is scratch built using PVC pipe and sheets of plastic. The large Golden Eagle was a decal I found in a hobby shop. The areas of the letters was first painted using an airbrush. Plastic letters from a local stationary shop were then applied and another color applied. In some areas three colors were used.

Here we see the south wing (above).

Here we see the north wing (above). There is a third wing which we will see later.

The tanks (above) were from another kit.

Here we see the tanks (above) looking south.

Here we see the Sue Line maintenance-of-way helicopter (above). The pilot inspecting the aircraft is my youngest son, Joseph Kamm, who lives in Edwardsville, Illinois with his wife and two children. 

Moving around the facility, we now see the third wing (above).

 We also see one of the activities of the North End, the Trinity Heights Grain baseball team is practicing (above).

Moving further around the Trinity Heights Grain facility, we see another activity. Here we see famed model railroader Jim Findley (above) out flying his model airplane. Jim Findley built and ran the Tioga Pass model Railroad in Dallas, Texas. Jim Findley had been a representative for brass locomotives from Korea which were imported and sold famed hobby shop owner Bobbie Hall, also of Dallas, Texas, under the name Hallmark Hobbies. It his later years, Jim Findley took up flying model airplanes and his scene is dedicated to his honor. The figure of Jim Findley stands on a Hankscraft motor and allows the illusion of flying an airplane to be active.

Here we have three views of the construction of the new offices of the NoLaCRA system offices (above). Upon completion, the current offices of the various members of the North Louisiana Connecting Railroad Association (NoLaCRA) will all be housed in this facility.

As we can see (above) not everyone in Sue City is in favor of the new facility.

This completes our three part tour of Sue City. Next week we will move on northward to the  town of Robinson.