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June 12th- Two Men--> TwoTrains

posted Jun 13, 2014, 2:40 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jun 13, 2014, 3:40 PM ]

Tonight we will follow Rob Robbins (above, left) with Train 71, the northbound tank train and Ken Ellison (above, right) with Train 21, the returning auto-train.

Train 71- The northbound Tank Train-

Lets begin with Train 71(above) in Sue City. The power this evening is obviously leased power. The local switcher, Sue Line GP39 number 3909 (above, left) is waiting for Train 71 (above, center) to leave on the east mainline.

Here we see Train 71 (above) in the woodlands between Sue City and Robinson.

Train 71 is taking the siding at
Robinson (above) and getting ready two switch.

Train 71 (above) switching in Robinson.

Having dropped the tank cars, the power from
Train 71 (above) is backing on to the caboose.

With the train back together, Train 71
(above) is ready to leave Robinson.

Train 71 (above) is entering Brandon.

Train 71 (above) is entering Union Street Yard,
under the Interstate Highway.

The power from Train 71 (above) is headed from Union Street Yard
 to the Diesel Facility in Ginnings Yard. Both yards are part of
the Shreveport Terminal  Complex.

Train 21- The Northbound Automobile Train

With the opening of the Stokes Automotive Plant at Shattuck a few weeks ago, the Sue Line has added two automobile trains-  Train 20 which picks up loaded automobile cars and takes them south to NoLaCRA Yard and Train 21 which returns empty cars to the plant at Shattuck.

Train 21 (above) is seen awaiting a permissive signal
on the east mainline at Crew Change.

Train 21 (above) is moving through the chemical complex at Sherwood.

Train 21 (above) is seen pulling into North Park on the mainline.
The Sperry Rail Car # 126 is sitting on the siding.

Train 21 (above) is leaving North Park.

Train 21 (above) is seen under the state highway
bridge between North Park and Pinecrest.

Train 21 (above) is reflected in the lake south of Sue City.

Train 21 (above, back) is on the east mainline while a southbound
freight (above, front) is on the west mainline in Sue City.


An overhead view of Brandon from
the Sue Line helicopter.

Another view of Brandon looking south.

An overhead view of Keithville.

Another view of Keithville.


Charlie DeVillbiss (above, left) the Ginnings Yard Master and
Jim Willis (above, right), mainline operator.

Danny Garland (above) the BUSY and Union Street Yard Master.

Marvin Bennett, Jr. (above) mainline Operator.

Mose Crews (above, file photo) as the Riverfront Yard Master.

A special THANK YOU to
Rob Robbins and Ken Ellison
for the photos of this session.