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June 13th- Back to Work on the Railroad

posted Jun 14, 2013, 5:08 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jun 15, 2013, 2:51 PM ]
After having been off for cruise to Alaska, it was time to get back to the Sue Line Railroad.

Come along with me as we work Train 128, a south end local.

Train 128 has been built by the Ginnings Yard Operator
 and can be found waiting on track 4.

Train 128 pulls out of Ginnings Yard with the
Ginnings Diesel Facility in the background.

Passing under I-49 in Riverfront Yard.

At the south end of Riverfront Yard, Train 128
moves by a coal train also ready to leave Riverfront Yard.

Train 128 next passes through Ashby Jct.before heading into
Busy Yard and then Union Street Yard.

Train 128 is about to by-pass BUSY Yard

Train 128 passes behind the B&E Fruit Company and their yard

   Having a proceed medium aspect on the signal bridge,
Train 128 is about to leave Ferne Jct. behind Union Street Yard.

Train 128 passes over Creek Jct and finally leave the Shreveport Terminal.

Train 128 can be seen passing through
North Morgan
behind Keithville.

Just nosing out of the trees, Train 128 approaches
South Morgan and a single track mainline.

After taking the siding at Brandon, Train 128
meets the north bound Amtrack 49.

After the meet, Train 128 continues into Robinson.

Train 128 continues thru Robinson.

Leaving Robinson, the tracks to Shattuck can be seen in the foreground.

With Train 128 in the background, we have a better view of the
Shattuck-Harwell Intermodal Transfer company.

Train 128 continues non-stop into the north end of Sue City.

Taking the East Main, Train 128 passes the Farmer Co-Op in Sue City.

Next Train 128 passes the passenger/Freight Station in Sue City.

Having left Sue City, Train 128 continues towards Crawley's Ridge.

Passing under state highway 1, Train 128 enters Robert's Crossing.

Having left Robert's Crossing, Train 128 prepares to
cross a small bridge before entering Leming.

Train 128 has held the mainline while continuing into Leming.

Train 128 leaves Leming and enters the only tunnel
on the Sue Line Railroad.

Entering Crews Siding, Train 128 passes Louisiana Sand and Gravel .

As Train 128 enters Maryville, there has been no switching so far,
but that is about to change.

Passing into the downtown district of Maryville,
Train 128 slows to a stop.

With Train 128 on the mainline, the Maryville Operator (MOp)
uses a pair of Caruth & Central units to get the cars for Train 128.
These units pay homage to Malcolm Vordenbaum as they
represent his railroad and the streets he used to live on.

The General Store in downtown Maryville appears to be pretty active.

While awaiting the cars from the Maryville Operator (MOp),
Train 128 meets a northbound local.

Having received fifteen (15) cars from Maryville,
Train 128 continues to Pinecrest.

Train 128 passes under another state highway
as it leaves Pinecrest without switching.

Train 128 enters North Park where there will be lots of switching.

How busy can be seen with Sue Line 3909
as the North Park Switcher (in the rear above),
Train 128 (in the middle above) in town and
Train 814 (in the front above) on the mainline.

At this point Train 128 has the six cars from Ginnings Yard,
15 cars from Mayville, and 8 cars that have been picked up in North Park.
Train 128, with 29 cars has "hog law-ed" before leaving any cars.
The switching has just begun.