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June 17th- We Operate

posted Jun 20, 2010, 10:43 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jun 20, 2010, 11:25 AM ]
The Thursday start out like all the others since January. More work to be done. BUT there was a BIG difference...

Instead of going upstairs, I stayed down in the dispatchers office (Above).
Ken Ellison (Below, gray shirt) and John Arnold (Below, white shirt) when upstairs to Richardson and the last TC-64 to finish work begun two weeks ago by David Colvin (not show). Tonight, of all nights, David Colvin was not present. What a night he would miss.

Charlie DeVillbiss (below) was also upstairs, working a a few last minute items.

Rob Robins (below) also went upstairs to finish up work on a few "dead spots". But weher was the rest of the Sue Line Team?

They were downstairs, as work on the 3rd District had begun.

Led by Jim Willis (Above light shirt) and Mose Crews (Below, Black shirt) Rodney Dixon (above ble shirt) and Paul Harwell (above block shirt) started by leveling a ledger board for the modular units which Mose Crews and Jim Willis had prepared.

Danny Garland (below, left) also helped install the units and dropping in from the MidSouth Railroad in Baton Rouge was Jack Green (below, right), just to make sure we got things right.

The real excitement can shortly after 8:00 PM when for the first time since December 2009, the Sue Line Railroad was operated by the regular crew.

Mose Crews was The Maryville Operator.
Rob Robins was The Lake Hamilton Paper Mill Operator.
Paul Harwell was a Sue City Operator and
Rodney Dixon was another Sue City Operator.
Danny Garland was the Shreveport Yard Master.
Jim Willis was the Alexandria Yard Master.
Ken Ellison was Road Unit #1.
Jason Busey was Road Unit #2 and
Richard Kamm was the Dispatcher.