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June 18th- RCX, Robert's Crossing and Crawley's Ridge

posted Jun 20, 2015, 12:07 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jun 20, 2015, 12:53 PM ]
Tonight we will take a look at three places with are all part of one scene.

First, let's take a look at RCX (above).
This is part of Robert's Crossing which is named for my only brother-
Robert Thomas Kamm who lives
with his beautiful wife in Florida.
RCX is a crossing of the Sue Line running north- south and
the Big Sky and Pacific, the railroad of Sue Line crew member
David Colvin.
The tower has been lit with LED lighting by Sue Line crew member
Dillon Stokes.

We can see the crossing on the map above.

There is also an interchange with the Big Sky & Pacific (above)
with the interchange track leading to underworld.

In addition to the interchange with the Big Sky & Pacific (above, far right track),
there is an interchange track for the Missouri Southern (above, track with derail).
The Missouri Southern is the railroad for affiliate crew member Skipper Crews
who is the son of Sue Line crew member Mose Crews.

Here is another view of the RCX interchange complex (above).
The container car, tank car and boxcar are on the
Missouri Southern interchange track.
The track immediately in front of them is the Sue Line mainline.

In this view (above), we see the Big Sky & Pacific track gang doing some work
on the Big Sky & Pacific mainline at RCX.

Now on the Robert's Crossing.
On the southwest side of Robert's Crossing is the pulpwood facility.
Remember on the Sue Line the south is always right and
the north is what is left, so you are always looking to the east.

On the same spur there is a small freight depot (above, left)
with a loading/unloading dock (above, right).

This is an overview of the north end of Roberts Crossing.
The spur (above, on the west side) is an interchange track with
the Gulf States Lines, a model railroad of
Sue Line crew member Paul Harwell.

On the interchange track to the Gulf States Lines is a
freight house (above).

Along the Gulf States Lines interchange track, but NOT serviced by any railroad is a cattle farm (above).
This cattle farm with designed and built by Sue Line crew member Ken Ellison.

Running through the cattle farm is a creek which was designed and built by
Sue Line crew member David Colvin.

The final component of this scene is-
Crawley's Ridge, an area also NOT serviced by any railroad.
This area was dedicated to my father-
Roger Frances "Joe" Kamm.
My father was a master electrician and master plumber.
After his retirement from his business, he taught at
a vocational technical college near Forrest City, Arkansas.
This college was situated on Crawley's Ridge.
Any member of the Sue Line crew can tell you that NONE of my father's
skills in plumbing were pick up by me.
When my father was serving in the United States Army,
there was a great deal of confusion as "Roger" was
"radio talk" for understood and there was no way
my father would use the name Frances, so he decides he
was an G.I. Joe and used the nickname Joe
throughout his military service.
The plaster castings represent a cut through the ridge and
the riff raft are pieces of castings which did not work out so well
and they represent a fill.