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June 20th- The Rest of Train 128

posted Jun 22, 2013, 1:13 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jun 22, 2013, 1:14 PM ]
Asst. Chief Dispatcher David Colvin was back at his real job, and your Chief Dispatcher had returned downstairs, this left Ken Ellison to finish Train 128.

After Train 128 had completed its work and left town,
North Park seemed empty and the North Park Switcher was all alone.

The mainline ad the service tracks were empty, but the spurs serving
the industries such as BraghaM Blding #9 (above) were full of cars.

Likewise, the Marshall & East Texas Freight Transfer
spur (above) was full of cars.

North Park would not stay empty long as a north bound local (above)
was leaving Sherwood and would soon have North Park busy again.

Train 128 soon arrive in Jeauxville (above) and once again began to work.

Here we see Train 128 on the mainline at
Jeauxville (above) working his train from the middle.

Looking ahead to Crew Change (above) we see two north bound
trains awaiting a signal to head off the Jeauxville.

After finishing the work at Jeauxville, Train 128 passed the local switchers.

Having completed Train 128, the locomotives
were returned to the engine facility.

Here we see the ready tracks loaded with
locomotive which are ready to go.

A overhead view shows multiple sets of locomotives in the diesel facility.

Here an overhead view shows the
locomotives in the ready track area.

Many thanks to Ken Ellison for the shots from this weeks session.
After the session Ken Ellison noted "I was so busy running Train 128
and having fun that I forgot to take photos of the work being done.

We can only hope that you enjoyed this week trip and will join us
next for another session.