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June 23rd- We're Back

posted Jun 29, 2016, 6:55 AM by Sue Line RailRoad
After a terrific vacation and having the website hi-jacked, we are back in action. Tonights session is brought to you by Dillon Stokes (below).

Tonight Dillon Stokes, in a file photo (above) was the Shreveport Public Line Operator.

Mainline engineers for the Sue Line were Danny Garland (above, left) Charlie Devillbiss (above, right).

Mainline engineer for NoLaCRA was Ken Ellison (above, left). Also we see Ginnings Yard Master Marvin Bennett, Jr. (above, right).

Riverfront Yard Master for this session was Mose Crews (above).

Ginnings Yard Master for this session was Marvin Bennett, Jr. (above, left front) also shown is Riverfront Yard Master Mose Crews (above, right rear).

The Shreveport Yard Master was David Durham (above, right) and the Sue City Operator (SCO) was Jim Willis (above, left).

Dispatching chores were split between Rob Robbins (above, left) and Richard Kamm (above, right).

Once again, the Sue Line Crew was back in action  and doing what they liked best-- 
Running Trains and Having FUN.