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June 27th- A Southbound Train

posted Jun 30, 2013, 3:04 PM by Sue Line RailRoad
Some people say it takes a village, but this night it took at least two-- Charlie DeVilbiss as the engineer and Lionel Brangham as the railfan. Join us now as we see their story....

We first see the southbound local
as it begins to pull out of Maryville.

We see the train in the woods as the
southbound local enters Ft. Barrow.

Crossing Mary Anne Bridge, the southbound
local is about to enter Pinecrest.

The southbound local is in downtown Pinecrest.

The southbound local enters North Park.

The locomotives from the southbound local
are hard at work in North Park.

Having completed the work at North Park,
the south bound local is leaving North Park.

Crossing Ferne Bridge, the southbound local
enters Sherwood.

We see the southbound local about to leave Sherwood.

The southbound local is about to leave Jeauxville.

The train comes to an end in the Yard.

Engineer Charlie DeVillbiss,
the engineer for this run is
busy switching in North Park.