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June 28th- Sad News follow by FUN and Fellowship.

posted Jul 1, 2012, 8:10 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jul 1, 2012, 11:08 AM ]
The last time Paul Shattuck (Below) of Wichita, Kansas, came to visit was December 30, 2010. Paul Shattuck was back due to the death of his Mother at 96 years of age. She passed away after complication from a broke hip.

Paul was accompanied by his brother (below,left, no hat) seen listening to Paul Shattuck (below, left, black hat) and his sister-in-law (below, right).

Other guests for the evening include Lt. Colonel Brian Roundtree (below, center) and his son, Tommy Roundtree (below, left) and Sam Denton (below, right).

Charlie DeVillbiss (above) appears to be hard at work
studying the paper work for Alexandra Yard.

The Shreveport Yard Master for this session was Mose Crews (above left),
who is discussing something with Richard Kamm (above, right).

Jason Busy (above) took on the duties of the Sue City Switcher.

Danny Garland (above) appears to have his hands full this evening
as he handles the Maryville Operator (MOp).

Richard Kamm (above) was the North Park switcher.
Richard Kamm was also the "Keeper of the Ring" for this session.

Ken Ellison (above, hat) is checking his train in I-49 West Yard
before taking his southbound to Alexandria.
Marvin Bennett, Jr. (above, no hat) appears ready to pull out
right after Ken Ellison and his train clear out.

Jim Willis (above) is working his northbound train in Jeauxville.

Paul Harwell (above) appears to be enjoying
his northbound mainline train in Maryville.

Keeping everything running smoothly was David Colvin as the dispatcher.
If this scene look familiar it is from the June 21st session,
as  I forgot to get a new photo.



A quiet scene on the Marshall and East Texas Railroad.

but below the surface--------

Rob Robbis (above, red shirt), owner of the M&ET, and
Ken Ellison (above, brown shirt) are checking out feeders before
installing the new LNCP from RRCirKits.

Photo from RRCirKIts.

This single board includes all the necessary electronics for a complete passing siding.

The LNCP includes:
    • 6 Block Detectors. (CT coils extra as required)
    • Drive for up to 32 signal LEDs. (signal heads extra)
    • 8 inputs for optional local contacts or turnout position feedback.
    • 8 outputs / low power drivers for 4 stall motors. (switch machines not included)
    • Internal Logic Blocks with up to 64 conditional statements.
    • 14' LocoNet compatible cable and 4 IDC connectors included.

The LNCP may be purchase directly from RRCirKits
or thru there network of dealers.
Please click on the link above for more information, order form, and pricing

Also helping out was Jim Willis (above) who moves faster than light!