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June 30- One Year on DCC

posted Jul 1, 2011, 12:15 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jul 1, 2011, 3:37 PM ]
On July 1, 2010, we held our first DCC "operating session". Time flies when  you are having fun. My wonderful wife, Sue, brought the cookie for the group.

Tonight was rotation night and Danny Garland (below, left) and Jason Busey (below, right) took over control of Shreveport yard.

David Colvin (below) kept to trains moving at Alex Yard.

Mose Crews (below) took over the Sue City Operator job.

The task of Maryville Operator (MoP) was taken over by Rob Robbins (below).

The mainline positions filed quickly.

Ken Ellison (above) is switching train 128, a local, in Brandon.

Paul Harwell (above) waits for his train in I-49 yard.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above) with his train at Jeauxville.

Doran McQueary (above, left) and his daughter, Emily,  (above, right) are about to switch at Jeauxville.

Matt Tessier (above) even made it out to run trains after an industrial accident nearly cost him a toe.

Todd Tessier (above) rounded out the mainline crews for the evening.

Jim Willis (above) was the assistant dispatcher for the eveing and provided the photos of the anniversary session. Many thanks Jim...

Once again, the Sue Line crew had to put up with Richard Kamm (above) as the dispatcher.


Switching a cut of cars in Maryville.


Paul Harwell (above) appears relaxed.

Jim Willis (above) also appears relaxed.

David Colvin (above) also appears relaxed.

Jason Busey (above) appears stressed, was it Shreveport or Danny Garland?

Ken Ellison (above) also appears relaxed, but Ken is a Deputy Sheriff and has had worse evenings.

Danny Garland (above) also appears relaxed, is there a common theme here?

Charlie DeVillbiss (above) also appears relaxed.

Even Rob Robbins (above) was relaxed.


First of all to my wife, Sue for all she has done for me, for the railroad, and for the group.

Next to the group, without out them there would be no Sue Line.

Next, to Dick Bronson at R-R CirKits for his clinics which inspired the change in the signal system, for his understanding and support during installation and for his continued interest in how we are progressing. Also to his wife, Karen, for his work in getting the components to us.


Specializing in Affordable Electronics for Model Railroads

Next to the CVP products team, especially Keith Gutierrez and Al Lautenslager for their help, encouragement and understanding as well have gone along this journey.

And lastly, to my friends in the hobby who have help, supported, encouraged, and generally kept me sane.