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June 5th- Two Speciality Trains

posted Jun 8, 2014, 9:40 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jun 8, 2014, 11:30 AM ]
Once again Marvin Bennett Jr. will be at the throttle as we follow two speciality trains.

The first is Train 20, a new automotive train.

We first catch sight of Train 20 (above) as it is moving through Riverfront Yard with 3 ex- Fort Worth and Western Railroad (FWWR) units are on the lead and only a caboose is in tow.

Here we see Train 20 (above ) as in moves
behind BUSY Yard.

Next we see Train 20 (above) behind Union Street Yard.

Train 20 (above) is now seen behind Keithville.

Train 20 (above) has just reached South Morgan.

Here we see Train 20 (above) at a grade crossing
between South Morgan and Brandon.

Train 20 (above) is seen moving through Brandon.

Passing through a wooded area, Train 20 (above)
is seen headed for Robinson.

The real work for Train 20 (above)is now beginning.
A string of automobile cars is picked up from the new
Stoker Automobile Facility at the Shattuck Plant.

With the units now "under load" Train 20 (above) is leaving
Sue City and headed for Crawley's Ridge.

Train 20 (above) is seen between Robert's Crossing and Leming.

Train 20 (above) is seen leaving Leming.

Entering Maryville, Train 20 (above) keeps on the mainline.

Here we see Train 20 (above) This aerial shot shows Train 20 (above) on Great Bridge.

Here we see Train 20 (above) meeting Train 71 (above)
a northbound tank train at Pinecrest.

Now we see Train 20 (above) still at Pinecrest,
this time meeting a northbound Sue Line Manifest Train

Finally, we see Train 20 (above) on the move from Pinecrest.

Now we see Train 20 (above)in North Park.

Train 20 (above) is seen passing through Sherwood.

Train 20 (above) is seen moving into Jeauxville.

After a job well done, Train 20 (above) is
nearing NoLaCRA Yard.

End of the run, Train 20 (above)is
pulling into track 3 into NoLaCRA Yard.

Next we will follow Train 701 a Tropicana Juice Train.

Train 701 (above) is seen after leaving Crew Change.

Train 701 (above) is seen entering the south end of Jeauxville.

Running on an expadited schedule, Train 701 (above)
is seen leaving the north end of Jeauxville.

Train 701 (above) is moving through the thick forest on the island.

Here we see Train 701 (above) moving through Sherwood.

Train 701 (above, back) is seen meeting a south
bound manifest (above, front) in Pinecrest.

Here we see Train 701 (above) on Great Bridge.

Train 701 (above) is seen moving on the mainline through Maryville.

Train 701 (above) is passing the highway construction crew.

Train 701 (above, rear) is seen passing a Sue Line northbound
manifest freight (above, front) with leased power at Leming.

Train 701 (above) is seen on the east main at Sue City.

Train 701 (above) moves through the woods
between Sue City and Robinson.

Next we see Train 701 (above)moving through the woods
between Richardson and Brandon.

Train 701 (above)is headed for Brandon.

Train 701 (above) is see passing by the station at Brandon.

Having finished the run, the power from Train 701 (above, rear)
is seen headed for the diesel facility at Ginnings Yard. The cars
from Train 701 (above, front) are being spotted at B&E Fruit.


A crew car awaits in Robert's Crossing.
Sometimes a small detail can make a difference

Details are noted at RCX.
Again, the extra detail make a difference.

People help the scene to "come alive" in RCX.

A single person can go a long way in improving a scene.
The old man helps this scene from RCX to "come alive".

A single person also helps this scene from
JEK Lumber in Minden.

People also make a difference at the freight depot in Leming.

Sometimes it can be an unexpected figure such as
the lady bulldozier driver.

Again details make a difference as in this scene from ?????

A Special Thanks to Marvin Bennett Jr. for the photos from this session.