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June 7th- It Can't Be All Fun

posted Jun 9, 2012, 1:17 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jun 9, 2012, 2:30 PM ]
It would be nice if were never had to work and could just play, play, and play. Unfortunately that can't be done. There must be some work.

Sometimes the work is above the table and some times the work is below the table.
 Charles Kneipp (above) is checking out a problem in Underworld.

Danny Garland (above) is busy doing a car check at Shreveport Yard.

Paul Harwell (above) is checking the call board for any trains which need to be straighten  up.

Charles Kneipp (above) as he is more commonly seen was busy both below and above the railroad.

Charlei DeVillbiss was busy checking for and correcting any problems on the mainline.

Mose Crews (above) was the "Keeper of the Ring" and was busy completing Train 134.

Lionel Brangham (above) took to the rails with a trial run of Extra 5524 South-
A passenger train behind steam.

Marvin Bennett, Jr. (above) used his WiiThrottle to clean up Alexandria Yard.

Rodney Dixon (above) was busy all night.
Ask Rodney Dixon about his time in Underworld.

Rob Robbins (above foreground, file) was working so hard and taking photos,
that he forgot to get one of himself.


Mary Ann Bridge at Stone Canyon.

The Diesel Facility in Alexandria Yard.

Heading into Robert's Crossing.

Look at Brandon from the west.

Near the crossing in Robert's Crossing.

The Bridge to Lake Hamilton .

Car check list for Brandon.


Lionel Brangham (above, left) and
Marvin Bennett, Jr. (above, right)
are discussing who should throw the switch
to get Lionel Brangham into
Alexandria Yard.

Paul Harwell (above, left) and
Charles Kneipp (above, right)
are discussing who screwed up
I-49 Yard in Blanchard.

Charles Kneipp in Action--

Stare straight ahead at screen.
Close right eye.
Open right eye and close left eye.
repreat over and over
and watch Charles Kneipp move.

Photo A
Photo B
Photo C

Photo D

The Charlie DeVillbiss Shuffle Dance.

Stare at Photo a, then Photo B, then Photo C then Photo D.
You will see Charlie DeVillbiss dance for you and
you will know that you have too much free time.