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March 18th...Backtracking for improvement

posted Mar 21, 2010, 6:50 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Mar 21, 2010, 7:52 PM ]
While we are still awaiting more Zone Masters from CVP Products, the Sue Line Team is backtracking to check and re-check what has been done so far.

JIm Willis (above- center) along with Rob Robins (above behind Jim) and Paul Harwell (above red cap) check and re-check the Zone Masters which are installed. Looking for "dead spaces" and "bad joints". We still have a few gremlins in some of out "DCC unfriendly" turnouts.

Mose Crews (above left) and David Colvin (above right) have finally discovered the source of the short at Ashby. Would you believe that they finally cured this gremlin by changing out Zone Master units! Who would have guessed....

As you can see, Danny Garland remains under the layout and continues to check out wiring and to take out unused wiring from the older " home grown" signal system and RailCommand.

Ken Ellison (above foreground) and Ron Brannon (above- supervising) have continued to work with the TC-64's from R-R CirKits and are now re-checking for any small "goof-up" which might have occurred.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above left) and Rondey Dawson (above right) continue to play critical roles in the completion of the upgrade. Charlie DeVillbiss continues his work on converting the trackside LED's to work with the new system. Rodney became the "mister clean-up" member of the team and did a great job getting the work spaces usable.

No work night would be complete without the input of Charles Kneipp. Charles is "Mr. Turnout" and when there is a problem with a turnout, who you going to call?- Charles. Charles has been working on a series of turnouts which make up several double crossovers and single crossovers which are located under the central portion of Shreveport. This is a tight and tricky place to work. We just hope Charles doesn't set up some type of "cosmic force" disturbance with all his work underground. There are rumors that the Mardi Gras technonic plate is loose and might shift.

During all this work and re-work, where was Richard--- Inside playing with his grandbabies......

By the way, Thursday it was in the sixties and Sunday morning it SNOWED......

Next week we will have visitors from "down under" - South Louisiana that is as Art Houston, Wayne Robichaux, Tomcat Kelly, Mickey Gudrois, Jim Lofland and David Abramson will be visiting briefly before moving over to Marshall, Texas, to operate on The Marshall and East Texas (MET) of Rob Robins who will be assisted by Jim Willis. We will miss both Rob and Jim next week.