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March 27th- Back on the Job of Having FUN- Riding on Train 37

posted Mar 28, 2014, 2:49 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Mar 28, 2014, 8:21 PM ]
Last week was so much fun that nobody took photos. This week was just as much FUN, but I did get some photos.

Train 37, a northbound manifest freight is waiting for a permissive signal at Crew Change (above,left) and the signal comes (above, right) as our journey begins .

Train 37 enters Jeauxville (above, right) and passes the south OS (above, middle) and keeps on the mainline (above, left).

Train 37 nears the north end of Jeauxville (above, right) and leaves Jeauxville (above, center) and then crosses on the long tressel (above, left).

Train 37 passes the recreation area on the island (above, right) and then passes through the piney woods before crossing another tressel (above, left).

As Train 37 continues through the wooded areas of the Sue Line, we see that Train 37 is nearing Sherwood (above, right). In Sherwood (above, center), Train 37 moves pass Gaspard Freight). As Train 37 leaves Sherwood (above, left) it crosses Ferne Bridge.
Train 37 approaches North Park (above, right) near G & P Grain. Train 37 then passes through one of the many urban canyons on the Sue Line (above, center). This urban canyon is in North Park. Train 37 moves northward and crosses Mary Anne Bridge (above, left) just  north of Pinecrest.

Train 37 stops briefly in Ft. Barrow (above, right) at a red signal before proceding through another wooded area just south of Maryville (above, left).

Train 37 roars through downtown Maryville (above, right) and on to the north end of Maryville (above, center) and finally under the signal bridge at E-B Tower (above, left).

Train 37 leaves Maryville and E-B Tower for Black Bridge (above, right) before entering the tunnel and exiting in Leming (above center) and passes Train 127 who is on the siding in Leming (above, left).

Train 37 passes through Robert's Crossing (above, right) and then passed the ABS Signal at Crawleys Ridge.

Train 37 enters the south end of Sue City as Amtrak Train 27, The Mardi Gras stops at the station (above, right). Not only is Train 37 in Sue City along with Amtrak Train 27, but another train can be ssen on the siding in Sue City (above, center). Train 37 moves pass the electric generation station (above, left).

Train 37 nears the north end of Sue City (above, right) and moves through another wooded area on the way to Robinson (above, left).

Train 37 enters the north end of Robinson (above, right) and leaves Robinson behind the oil pump (above, left).

Train 37 passes through Brandon (above).

The locomotives from Train 37 leave BUSY Yard (above, right) and head towards Riverside Yard (above, left).


Marvin Bennett, Jr. at Ginnings Yard.

Jim Willis at Riverfront Yard

Danny Garland at BUSY Yard and Union Street Yard

Charlie DeVillbiss at Sue City

Dillon Stokes at Maryville, Lake Hamilton and E-Branch.

Mose Crews as a Mainline Engineer.

Rob Robbins as a Mainline Engineer.

Charles Kneipp as a Special Board Engineer.

And overseeing it all was David Colvin as Dispatcher.