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March 28th- Day 1001- The Day the Changes Came......Or How to Get More Railroad Without Laying Track.

posted Mar 29, 2013, 5:51 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Mar 31, 2013, 7:24 AM ]
It was a night like any other in Louisiana, but is was totally different on the Sue Line.
Part I- How it all began......

On Friday, March 22, 2013, things were different, very different.
This is a shot of downtown Shreveport. Where are all the rail cars?

Even more mysterious, the yards at Blanchard, Alexandria and I-49
were all empty. Not a car was in sight.

All of the major yards were suddenly empty.

Then things began to happen, slowly at first
and then faster and faster.

A train full of auto-rack cars was the first to appear.

Then there was, of all things an AmTrack train
made up of super liners.
Things were strange, very strange...What could be happening?????

Soon there were cars everywhere. but things had changed-
forever and for the better...

Cars were back in Shreveport as well as the other yards.

Some investigation lead to the discovery that the cars had been
temporarily stored along the entire mainline of the Sue Line.
End to end, car to car. They had filled the entire mainline of the railroad.

Who was responsible for such a massive relocation of cars?
The ring leader has been identified as David Colvin,
who records reveal had been plotting this movement for several months.

Also involved in this massive re-structuring was Mose Crews (above, left)
who we can see plotting with David Colvin (above, right).

Another implicated in the change was Rob Robbins (above).

Just what has happened?

The New Shreveport Terminal Yard-

First, the old Busy Yard and Union Street Yard have been combined.
They now serve as an arrival yard for the Shreveport Terminal.
There is an operator stationed here.

The first Union Street Operator was Rob Robbins (above).

The I-49 Yards  at Blanchard have been renamed the River Front Yard.
There is an operator here who also serves as a Yard Master for the
Shreveport Terminal. This yard primarily classifies cars.

The first River Front Yard Operator and
Shreveport Yard Master
was Mose Crews (above, left).

Paper work for River Front Yard Operator.

The old Alexandria Yard has been rename- Ginnings Yard in honor
of my wife who's maiden name was Ginnings. This yard primarily
makes up trains to be sent out.

The first Ginnings Yard Operator was Jim Willis (above).

The Diesel Facility at Ginnings has been expanded as all engines
pass through here at the end of every run.

The fate of each engine pair leaving Ginnings Yard
as been determined by a special deck of cards used
when the locomotives  arrive at the Diesel Facility.

For this session, the Ginnings Yard Operator
also was the Superintend of Motive Power (SMP).

A BIG change came with the Shreveport Public Belt now based in Keithville,
but serving Stonewall Industries and the Caddo Grain, the Oil Terminal in River Front Yard,
but also the Colvin Grain complex in River Front Yard and the Fuel Track in Ginnings Yard.

The First Shreveport Public Belt Operator using this operating
scheme was Paul Hardwell (above in black hat).

Mainline  Operators and Others--

Once again Marvin Bennett, Jr. did an outstanding job as
the Maryville Operator (MOp).

Rodney Dixon (above) pulls his BNSF north bound freight into the
siding at Leming as a UP north bound freight passes.

Lionel Brangham (above, white hat) is about to get his train.

The only foul-ups of the night were made by
Chief Dispatcher Richard Kamm who apparently
cannot read his paper work.

Next week we will take a closer look at the changes....