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May 12- We're Back, Sort Of

posted May 14, 2011, 6:53 AM by Sue Line RailRoad
After a delay due to having incorrectly replaced a bad data cable with a bad cable, the Sue Line Crew was back up and running.

Here we see a local freight arriving in Brandon to begin switching.

Rob Robbins (above) kept the trains moving on the Shreveport Public Belt.

David Colvin (above), just back from ProRail in
Omaha, was busy in Sue City as the Sue City Operator.

Danny Garland (above), shown here in Elliott
on the E-Branch, was the Maryville Operator (MoOp).

Mose Crews (above) kept thing steady and accurate as the Alexandria Yard Operator.

Charlie DeVille (above), shown her in the I49 Yard at Blanchard, was the Shreveport Yard Operator.

Doran McQuery (above) is working a local
freight train through Dutchman Falls.

Lionel Brangham (above) handles a trough
train on the mainline in Sherwood.

Rodney Dixon (above) is in
North Park operating a Through train.

Paul Harwell (above) is switching a local freight in Brandon.

As usual, Charles Kneipp (above) was busy fixing things. Tonight Charles replaced the power supply to the switch machines in North Blanchard Yard.

Jim Willis (above) is serving as Assistant Dispatcher after re-arranging some of the computer gear in the Dispatcher's Office.

The photos of the session  were provided by Ken Ellison (above, left, blue cap) who is talking with Jim Willis (above, right).


Our good friend, Gil Freitag (above in photo from C. Randall Wilson) of the Houston based Texas, Colorado and Western just celebrated his 75th birthday surrounded by his grandchildren. What a beautiful group they are!

Happy Birthday Gil, may God bless you and your lovely and dedicated wife Virginia as you continue your journey together.

For those wishing to contact Gil:

Gil Freitag
1835 Alta Vista Street
Houston, TX 77023