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May 13th- Time to clean house or at least the tracks

posted May 15, 2010, 7:07 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated May 24, 2010, 8:18 PM ]
This was an exciting night. Finally all the Zone Masters are in for the Easy DCC system and all the TC-64's were connected for the signal system. The radio receivers were installed and the radio transmitter units T9000E had testing begun.

But now it was time to get down and dirty. The tracks had not been used since December last year and they were D I R T Y....... Lead by Matt Tessier (above) the track cleaning crews swung into action.

Two examples how how dirty the track was can be seen above along with Jason Busey another member of Track Cleaners Anonymous.

Here we see the track cleaning teams in action (above left and above center) and Paul Harwell on the floor again (above right)

Rob Robins continued to look for bugs in the Zone Master setup (left) and then turned his attention to the radio throttles.

Radio receivers were set up initially on the floor and then move upward to test several locations before final installation.

Also starting off under the layout working on the radio receivers was Paul Harwell (above left gray shirt) along with Jim Willis (above left and above center blue shirt) and then utilizing the radio transmitters for testing (above right).

John Arnold (above left) remained busy making, testing and installing cables to connect the Tomas signal heads to the TC-64 driver cards with the help of Doran McQueary (above right).

The rechargable batteries were recharged, the throttles were set up and carefully labelled before being put into service.

Charles Kneipp (above left) continued his work on the turnout wiring along, while Jason Busey (above middle) learned the secrets of detector installation from David Colvin (above left).

Conference or colission, who knows, but Rodnet Dixon (above red shirt) and Danny Garland (above black shirt) seemed to have stopped John Arnold (above white shirt) and Doran McQueary (above yellow shirt) for at least a brief moment.


Ron Brannon spent his last night with the Sue Line Team for several months as he is leaving for a morotcoach trip to Idaho and other strange points.

Finally out hearts and our prayers go out this week to Mose Crews on the recent loss of his brother. May his brother be with God night and every night.


November 28, 1928
May 10, 2010

Brother of a GREAT Friend