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May 14th- Eastman on the E-Branch

posted May 15, 2015, 10:32 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated May 23, 2015, 11:27 AM ]
This week we will continue up the E-Branch to Eastman.

The track up to Eastman from Eagleton showing a roadside sign near a grade crossing (above).

The tracks travel through a tree growth (above, left) and
looking to the east we can see a hot air balloon along the way above, right).

The E-Branch crosses Black Bridge (above) on the way to Eastman.

After crossing Black Bridge, a hobo can be seen on the north end (above).

Track plan for Eastman.

An over view of Eastman (above).

Murphree Oil Company-
Building 22 (above, left) as well as
Buildings 11 and 12 and
the Oil Loading Facility.

Several views of the various tanks associated with Murphree Oil Company.
This facility was named for the late Dee Murphree, a long time member of
the Sue Line Crew. "Mr. Dee" was a grand and lively member for many years.

Rummings Oilfield Supply was named for
former Sue Line Crew member Hank Rummings.

There are two outside storage areas at Rummings Oilfield Supply.
The north yard (above, left) where mainly flammable materials are stored,
and the south yard (above, right) where valves and other supplies are stored.

Two slightly different view of Goode Gas*A*Hol.
The industry was named for former Sue Line Crew member Charles Goode.

Here we see the Kamm Kemical Company with a loading/unloading
area to the left and bulk loading and unloading at the main building to the right.

The Earle Elevator Company is a kit-bashed structure
which is named for the town I grew up in-  Earle, Arkansas.

The final industry in Eastman is the
NoLaCRA Car Repair facility.
The facility is painted on to the backdrop and
the box car is always being worked on.

This concludes our review of Eastman.
Next week we will complete our tour of the E-Branch by
visiting Elliott.