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May 15th- Jim Willis Takes Train 112 Southbound...

posted May 18, 2014, 7:31 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated May 18, 2014, 8:16 AM ]
It was a chilly night for spring on the Sue Line, but inside the layout buildging things were really cooking. Tonight we will join Jim Willis (below) as he takes 112 over the rails.

Jim Willis (above) is using a WiiThrottle to control his train in Sue City.

A pair of GP-35s are on the lead as Train 112
(above) rumbles through River Front Yard.

Train 112 (above) slows as it nears Ashby Junction.

Train 112 (above, back) moves on the mainline towards Stonewall,
a pair of switchers (above, front) are working Shreveport BUSY Yard.

Train 112 (above) is entering Morgan.

The crew of Train 112 (above) rests in the shade
while awaiting a clear signal at South Morgan.

While waiting to get into Brandon, Train 112 (above)
is broken in two parts for the highway crossing.

Train 112 (above) moves through Brandon.

Train 112 (above) passes through the trees near Robinson.

Train 112 (above) passes by the new offices of
The Sue Line Railroad as it enters Sue City.

As Train 112 (above) leaves Sue City,
it passes under the state highway bridge.

Train 112 (above) moves under another state highway
bridge as it passes through Robert's Crossing.

Train 112 (above) awaits a proceed signal in Leming.

Train 112 (above) passes under black bridge
on the way to Crews Siding.

Train 112 (above) is seen working at Crews Siding.

Train 112 (above) is waiting for
a proceed indication at EB- Tower.

Train 112 (above) pulls into Pinecrest.

Train 112 (above) passes the chemical plant at South Sherwood.

Train 112 (above) crosses the basquel bridge
on to the island north of Jeauxville.

Train 112 (above) hog laws on the island.


It looks like a meeting at Minden Flour Milling Company.

Willis Lumber Company in Leming appears active.

A worker is waiting at Crews Butane Company.

The work crew is busy repairing the road.

Those pesky steam engines just keep on popping up.

Many thanks to Jim Willis for the photos from this session.