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May 19th- A Few Good Friends

posted May 21, 2011, 11:58 AM by Sue Line RailRoad
It was back to fun as usual for the Sue Line Crew. Joining us were two old friends, Ed Joseph (below left) and Norm Buell (below, right). Both decided to railfan, Ed upstairs on the railroad and Norm downstairs at the dispatcher's office.

Also joining us were two new friends Hugh Lewis (below, left) and his son Atticus Gregory (below, right). The father and son team reviewed the railroad, but then left early as Friday was school night.

The regular crew as ready to get back to the fun of running trains. Charlie DeVillbiss (below, left) was the Shreveport Yard Operator and did a great job keeping the traffic flowing while Jim Willis (below, right) did the same in Alexandria Yard.

Danny Garland (below, left) was able to keep Maryville and Lake Hamilton Moving as the MOp, while Doran McQueary (below, right) handle Sue City like a pro.

Rob Robbins (below) handled traffic on the Shreveport Public Belt.

The mainline chores fell to Mose Crews (below, left), Ken Ellison (below, right) on the scheduled trains, and

Ron Brannon (below, left) and Lionel Brangham (below, right) on the Extra Trains.

Paul Harwell (below, right) shown with Ed Joseph (below, left) "pulled up lame" with a bad leg and did now run.

The Dispatcher's Office was full with Dispather Richard Kamm, Assistent Dispatcher Matt Tessier (below, center), who also provided the photos of this session, and guest Norm Beull (below, right).


                        Mystery Man #1

Mystery Man #2                            


            The Paper Mill at Lake Hamilton

                                            The North End of Cue City

Robert's Crossing                        

                                                Elliott on the E-Branch