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May 19th- Train 70

posted May 24, 2016, 6:24 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated May 24, 2016, 4:56 PM ]
This evening, I have elected to take Train 70, the southbound tank train from Leming to Alexandria.
Come along and enjoy the ride.

Richard Kamm (above) aboard train 70 shown in Pinecrest.

Above we see the head end power for Train 70 (above), a pair of GE DASH 40- 8B's. The lead unit is from the Bistineau Southern (BS- from Sue Line Crew member Dillon Stokes) and the trailing unit from the Louisiana Arkansas & Western (LA&W) from associate Sue Line Crew member Jim McClure).

After leaving Leming, Train 70 rolls through Crews Siding (above, left) and by the never ending road construction just south of Crews Siding (above, right). It looks as if a new piece of equipment has been brought in to help with the work.

Next we see Train 70 arriving at Maryville (above, left). There are two tank cars to in Train 70 to be spotted (above, center) and three tank cars to be picked up (above, right).

We see that after dropping off the cars to be spotted, 
the head end power has picked up the cars and 
placed them in Train 70 (above).

After leaving Maryville, Train 70 crosses Great Bridge (above, left) and
by the corn fields (above, right).

Arriving in Pinecrest (above, left), Train 70 picks up two tank cars (above, center) and 
adds them to the train (above, right).

Next Train 70 arrives in North Park where it meets a North Park (above, left) where it meets 
a northbound local with Big Sky and Pacific power (from Sue Line Crew member David Colvin).
There is a single tank car to be picked up (above, center) before 
preparing to leave North Park (above, right).

Train 70 then crosses Stone Canyon (above) on Ferne Bridge.

Train 70 next reaches Dutchman Falls (above left) where there are two tank cars to pick up and
one tank car to be spotted (above, center). Train 70 is then put back together (above, right).

While in Dutchman Falls a northbound inter-modal train can be seen on the "new main" (above, left).
Train 70 passes by Combustion Inc. in Sherwood (above, center).
Another meet is made with a northbound before leaving Sherwood (above, right) .

Train 70 finally reaches Jeauxville where there are two tank cars to be picked up 
using a local switcher on lease from the Cat Mountain & Santa Fe of David Barrow from Austin, Texas (above, left) and a single tank car to drop off (above,center). 
Train 70 is then ready to leave Jeauxville (above, right).

Train 70 is seen at Richardson and about to enter the yard at Alexandria (above).

Train 70 meets the yard switcher, ex-C&O (from Sue Line Crew member Marvin Bennett, Jr) (above, left)
and passes the B&O business car (above, center) before 
coming to a stop at the end of the run for this crew (above, right).

As you can see dispatcher Mose Crews is much more at ease with his new
computer mouse (above).