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May 20th- And now for something entirely different

posted May 24, 2010, 7:17 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated May 25, 2010, 8:40 PM ]
This edition was made possible and with thanks to Art Houston- Harahan Hobby Shop- Specializing in DCC and Sound.

Art's  e-mail is

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The week began with a box arriving from Art containing several pieces of EasyDCC hardware. A bus extender, a power station and two accessory decoders, but what else Art had put us on to was far more important.

Art had tipped us off the Dustin Trahin, a young man with a great gift for backdrop buildings. I had ordered several structures from Dustin and they arrive just prior to the session this Thursday.

Dustin's email is

Three of Dustin's buildings are now in North Park. Busey Technology (above left) named for Justin Busey, a medical equipment expert. Kicksum Glass (above center) the main industry in North Park and Bob's Gourmet Meatball (above right) named for Bob Wilson, a former member, now living in South Carolina.

Also in North Park are Garland's Gunworks (above left) represneting Danny Garland, now King of Soldering, and a retired probation officer and the final structure added in North Park the Marshall & East Texas Freight Transfer (above right) representing Rob Robins, the master of the Zone Master installation.

Added to Jeauxville are the Hitchcock-Jordan Freight Transfer (above left) named for good friends Check Hitchcock and Keith Jordan from Kansas City, also added was S.Crews- Nuts and Bolds (above center) for Skipper Crews, son of Mose Crews. Another addition was the Colvin Distribution Center (above right) named for that man of all trades David Colvin (the feature of two quizzes --- so far)

Finally, also added are the Jeauxville Times (above left) and Taul Medical Supply (above right) named for my former nurse who ran away to Abilene Texas with a man just because she loved and adored him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him- women are like that you know.

The photos do not do the structures justice.

Give Dustin a short via e-mail and he can send you a catalogue of all his wonderful works. DO IT TODAY......

What was the Sue Line team doing? They were still hard a working chasing bugs and trying radio units...

Here we see Ken Ellison (above left) and Charlie DeVilbiss (above right) check out radio throttles. Kin is in Richardson and Charlie In Alexandria Yard.

Danny Garland (above left) was soldering signal head leads after enjoying Garland's Gun Works. Rob Robins (above left) was checking for dirty track and running a radio throttle just south of Sue City after enjoying the Marshall & East Texas Freight Transfer building.

Paul Harwell (above left) worked topside while John Arnold (above right) worked underneath while installing signal head cables.

The happiest man of the night, or so it seemed was David Colvin who is almost completed the debugging of the detectors (all 200 +). We can only hope that David was also pleased with the Colvin Distribution Center from Dustin.