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May 21st- A Bad Night, but Elliott Ends the E-Branch

posted May 23, 2015, 11:36 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated May 23, 2015, 12:04 PM ]
The night was a literal disaster. When the Sue Line Crew went to fire up the layout, they found that a "near" lightening strike had destroyed the drivers in the EasyDCC Zone Masters by CVP Products and the LocoBuffer to USB interface by R-R CirKits. There was no power to the track and no way to throw turnouts. The session, needless to say, terminated early.

The mainline in Eastman (above) passes between
Kamm Chemical Company and Earle Elevator
and on to Elliott.

As you can see, Elliott is nothing more than a two track hidden Yard.

The mainline track passes in front of a small grain elevator and
into Mid-State Produce Distributers. A turnout then splits the mainline
into two staging tracks.

The tracks continue under Morgan Irrigation.
This building was named for long-time friend, Johnny Morgan.
Johnny Morgan was not only a friend, but a co-worker, helper and
at that timed owned a company called Morgan Irrigation.
Johnny Morgan also helped the Sue Line Crew to build much
of the building that presently houses the Sue Line.

Here we see Elliott with the buildings removed.
The buildings on the backdrop are painted on.

This shot shows another view of Elliott with the buildings removed.
The tank is actually on a building in Keithville.
The white plastic supports hold the false front buildings at the end of Elliott.

Next week we will back in action as replacement parts are on the way.
Next week we will return to Maryville and go south to Lake Hamilton.