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May 22nd- Marvin Bennett, Jr. Takes 459 Northbound...

posted May 28, 2014, 10:31 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated May 28, 2014, 11:07 AM ]
It was another FUN night for the Sue Line Crew. Tonight we will follow Marvin Bennett, Jr. as he takes the Train 459 from Alexandria1 to Shreveport.

Marvin Bennett, Jr. is shown checking his consist before leaving Maryville.

Train 459, (above, first train) is seen in Alexandria
on the ready tracks.

Train 459 (above) is seen headed for Crew Change.

Train 459 (above) is seen running
between Crew Change and Jeauxville.

Train 459 (above) is seen moving through Jeauxville.

Train 459 (above) is seen leaving Jeauxville over the Long Tressel.

Train 459
(above)is seen on the Bascule Bridge near Sherwood.

Train 459 (above, back)  is seen  to the  east of Dutchman Falls
where a Missouri Southern (above, front) switcher can be seen.

Train 459 (above) is sitting on Ferne Bridge awaiting a clear signal.

Train 459 (above, front) enters North Park
while a local switcher (above, back)
is busy spotting cars.

There appears to be some sort of activity on the signal bridge
in North Park as Train 459 (above) passes by.

Train 459 (above) waits for a proceed signal at Ft. Barrow.

A south bround grain train, Train 600),
(above) passes through Ft. Barrow.

Train 459 (above, front)  is seen on the siding at Maryville,
while a northbound coal train (above, back) passes on the mainline.

Train 459 (above) passes a road construction crew at Crews Siding.

Train 459 (above) is seen leaving Crews Siding.

Train 459 (above)  pulls onto the mainline at Leming.

Train 459 (above) is seen passing under
the state highway bridge in Sue City.

Train 459 (above) is seen under the Interstate Bridge in Union Street Yard.


Fuller Produce in Maryville appears busy.

State Highway 1in Brandon.

Barnstead Lumber in Brandon appears quiet.

Downtown Brandon appears busy.

The Warehouse in Dutchman Falls appears busy.

I. C. Sparks in North Park looks busy.

Cor-O-Gator Box Company in Lake Hamilton looks quiet.

The Depot in Maryville looks busy.

Looks like to boss is leaving Leming Gas Works in Leming.

The loading Dock in Robert's Crossing looks busy.

The cow heard in Robert's Crossing looks like it has grown.

The oil pump is silent in Robinson.

Bekin's Storage in Keithville appears quiet.

Keithville appears quiet.


Always running on the foreskin of technology,
Touch Toggle control panels are being
installed on the Third District.
Simply touch a light and the switch position
and the light both change.

Check them out at Berrett Hill Shops.