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May 23rd- Danny Garland Runs Train 127

posted May 26, 2013, 6:46 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated May 26, 2013, 7:52 PM ]
A it has been for so many nights, it was a fun time on the Sue Line. Come join us now as we follow Train 127.

Here we see Train 127 Pulling past downtown Jeauxville.

As Train 127 pulls through Jeauxville we see Train 70,
a south bound tank train is already busy switching in Jeauxville.

Having left Jeauxville, Train 127 now crosses the
long wooden trestle before crossing the island.

After leaving the island, Train 127 heads through the
piney woods on across the bascule bridge.

Next Train 127 enters the south OS at Sherwood and moves
past the Doran Oil and Gas or "The DOG"  as it is known locally.

Moving northward, Train 127, passes Gaspard Freight
before heading across Ferne Bridge over Stone Canyon.

Train 127 slows down after crossing Ferne Bridge and eases through North Park.

Continuing on after a brief switch at North Park, Train 127
passes Mason Arizona Chemicals
and then under a highway bridge on its way to Pinecrest.

At Pinecrest, Train 127 pick up a tank car for Gator's Gas.
Note Mardi Gras Mills in the background (above, left) and
Crews Recycled Auto Parts (CRAP) (above, right).

With the switching completed,
Train 127
heads out of Pinecrest (above) and
through MaryAnne Bridge on its way to Maryville.

Train 127 has left Pinecrest behind (above)
and is headed past a corn field and on to Great Bridge.

At this point Train 127 has "hog lawed" and
Danny Garland and the rest of his crew
will wait to be picked up and a new crew
will take Train 127 along the rest of its route
to Shreveport.

Our tanks to Danny Garland for allowing us to join him
and his crew as we learn more about Train 127.