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May 29th- So Much Happening It Is Hard to Cover It All

posted Jun 1, 2014, 10:21 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jun 1, 2014, 3:27 PM ]
We have two southbound trains to follow, More miscellaneous shots of the Sue Line, A Fantastic new Video by Dillon Stokes, and the group's founder returns after 40 years.

Train 77- A Northbound Z- Train

Lets start with Rob Robbins (below) as he takes Train 77 southbound. We see Rob Robbins is again using his iPhone as his WiiThrottle.

We first see Train 77, (above), a piggyback or Z-train, as the two GP 38's pull out of North Park.

Next we catch Train 77, (above),as it crosses Great Bridge.
Note the reflection in the water, the scenery Fairie has been at work.

Train 77, (above), is next seen behind the  chemical
complex at Lake Hamilton Paper Company.

Train 77, (above),is now pulling onto the siding at Leming.

Running in notch 8, Train 77, (above),
is seen along with a neat reflection at Crawley's Ridge.

Train 77, (above, back), is waiting on the siding
as a southbound manifest (above, front) enters Sue City.
You may recall that southbound train are
superior to northbound trains on the Sue Line

Train 77, (above),  is headed into another siding. this time in Robinson.

Next we see Train 77, (above, back),at North Morgan.

The motive power from Train 77, (above),
is headed through Ashby Jct.

The motive power of Train 77, (above),reaches Ginnings and the Diesel Facility.

Train 37- A northbound Manifest Freight

We see that Train 37, (above, back) a manifest freight,
is ready to leave from Crew Change. It looks like
engine 95 has had some recent damage.

Here we see Train 37 (above), as it enters Jeauxville.

Here we see Train 37 (above), at it gets a
proceed indication to leave Jeauxville.

Train 37 (above), is seen on the long tressel,
north of Jeauxville.

Train 37 (above),is seen moving through the
Doran Oil and Gas (The DOG) in Sherwood.

Train 37 (above, front), meets a southbound train
(above, back) switching in North Park.

Train 37 (above), is entering Maryville.

Here we see Train 37 (above), awaiting
a signal to proceed at North Maryville.

Train 37 (above), has left Maryville.
In the background, across the bayou,
we see a portion of  Eagleton.

Train 37 (above), is seen entering Leming.

Train 37 (above), passes through the woods
between Leming and Robert's Crossing.

A high overhead shot shows Train 37 (above),
entering RCX. It looks like there was a  recent
wreck on the state highway bridge.

Train 37 (above), enters Brandon and nears the depot.

Train 37 (above), leave Brandon.

Train 37 (above), cross a highway between
North Morgan
and Brandon.

The motive power from Train 37 (above), is seen in the Diesel Facility.


To check out check which other railroads have been using the Sue Line rails,
check HERE for another fantastic video by Dillon Stokes.


Forty years ago, a group of 5 local modelers came together regularly and became the Hiawatha Lines Train group. The members included David Fifield, owner of the Hiawatha Lines. Another original member was Mose Crews, Mr. B.O. Box who is now passed on, along with Mr. Carl Richardson. I do not recall the fifth member, but I am sure someone out there can help me with this.

Making a personal choice, David Fifield is now Deb Fifield (above).
40 years have lead to too many changes to quantify, but the FUN remains.


There appears to be some sort of problem in North Park.

There appears to be water in the river near Great Bridge
and streams near Lake Hamilton.

Wood is being unloaded at the Lake Hamilton Paper Company.

Cor-O-Gator is busy in Lake Hamilton.

The Sperry Rail Car is in Brandon.

Has anyone seen Superman lately?

Things look busy in Elliott.

It looks like the welder is working late in North Park.

Garland Gunworks in North Park is owned by
Danny Garland, a retired probation officer.

How could the photographer not get a shot of
the Marshall & East Texas Freight Transfer building
in North Park?

Looking through the trees between
Ashby Jct
and BUSY Yard.

Barrels of fruit juice at the B&E Enterprises.

The chemical complex at Lake Hamilton Paper Company.

A work crew is near Crews Siding.

A bridge over the bayou on thee E-Branch.

Some reflections at the south end of Sue City.

The pond just north of Leming.

A small bridge over a creek north of Leming.

A practice by the Trinity Heights baseball team in Sue City.

Richardson and Crew Change.

A very special thanks to Rob Robbins
for the photos of this session.