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May 2nd- A Night on the SPB.

posted May 3, 2013, 2:22 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated May 3, 2013, 2:35 PM ]
This week the photos were submitted by Paul Harwell as he operated on the Shreveport Public Belt (SPB).

SPB 78 is on duty in Keithville Yard. Look closely and
you will see once of the answers in the "Where Is This?" contest.

The night starts with SPB 78 getting a of group of covered hoppers
from Union Street Yard (above) and taking them to
Gutierrez Yard in Keithville (below).

Next up is SPB Train 950 getting two cars
( a cover hopper and a tank) from Gutierrez Yard (below).

The cars are attached to the caboose,
the paperwork is doubled checked and
Train 950 is off (above).

Train 950 crosses the viaduct (above) and
enters Union Street Yard (below).

Now things get interesting...

A northbound train has terminated in Union Street Yard.
The Cars from 950 are picked up by the road units (above) and
SPB 78 picks of a couple of cars and heads back to Keithville (below).

Train 950 (above) now has new power and a new caboose
as it heads towards the Diesel Facility in Shreveport Terminal Complex.

Train 950 passes LOW Yard (above).

The path to the Diesel Facility
leads towards "The Rat Hole" (above).

As Train 950 heads thru Ashby Jct. (above), it crosses
over before entering River Front Yard.

Train 950 heads to track 1 in River Front Yard (above).

After passing through River Front Yard (above),
Train 950 heads to Ginnings Yard and the Diesel Facility (below).

The caboose goes to the caboose Track and
the two cars are left for the Ginnings Yard Operator (above).

After the caboose is put away, Train 950 comes to an end
as the locomotives will enter the Diesel Facility for servicing (above).

Many thanks to Paul Harwell who
let us ride along with on Shreveport Public Belt Train 950.

The Contest---

There were NO winners.

Only one reader got photo A correct- Greg Gaspard --
Well you might have known since it was Gaspard Freight In Sherwood.

Several readers got photo B correct- The Gold Mine in Sue City.

Photo C was a give away-- Sue City Auto Parts.

Photo D was also in Sue City- and several readers recognized O.L. Slick

Photo E was the toughest, as no one got it right- The Warehouse at Elliott.

and the Bonus-
as seen earlier was the Welding Shop and Car Repair in Keithville.

Keep reading, perhaps we will have another contest soon.