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May 3- No Party, Just a Lot of FUN.....

posted May 5, 2012, 5:45 PM by Sue Line RailRoad
The parties were over, but the fun was just beginning. It was back to what the group does best- RUN TRAINS.


Mose Crews (above) was having twice the fun of others.
Mose Crews was no just the Shreveport Yard Master,
but was also running TRAIN 85 on the mainline.

Danny Garland (above) was using his trusty
WiiThrottle as the Sue City Operator.

Paul Harwell (above) was on duty as the Maryville Operator (MOp).

As usual, Jim Willis was on duty  as the Alexandria Yard Master.


Joining Mose Crews on the mainline was Marvin Bennett, Jr.,
(above, blue shirt) who was busy with a train in Robinson.
Also seen are Ron Brannon (above, sliver hair) and
Charlie DeVillbiss (above, black cap).

In a picture of a mainline engineer taking a picture of a
mainline engineer, we see Rob Robins (above) in Pincrest.
Rob Robbins was the "Keeper of the Ring" for this session.

Ken Ellison (above) watches as his train enters Pinecrest.
Once again, Ken Ellison provided the photos of this session-
Many Thanks Ken.

Here we see Charlie DeVillbiss (above) as
he starts to work his train in Robert's Crossing.


Three generations of Whitehurst were guests this evening.
Whitey Whitehurst (above,right, blue shirt) is the patron of the family.
His son John Whitehurst (above, left, red shirt) is taking a picture of
his son Russel "Rusty" Whitehurst (above, left, dark blue shirt).


Everyone appears relaxed at the Freight Station in Leming.

A southbound local pulls into Crews Siding.

Someone needs to check with the Department of Transportation.
It seems that the crew has been working on that road forever!