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May 30th- Ride along with Marvin Bennett, Jr. on a Northbound Coal Drag, Train 601

posted Jun 12, 2013, 5:02 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jun 12, 2013, 5:36 PM ]
Normally we find Marvin Bennett, Jr. and his FWWR locos in the town of Maryville, but not tonight. Having picked up his units from the Ginnings Diesel Facility (below), and was ready to take a Coal Drag North.

With his train in tow, Marvin Bennett, Jr.
was ready to roll. Here we see the Coal Drag (Train 601)
awaiting a signal at Crew Change (below).

Passing through Jeauxville (above) Train 601 picks up speed.

Crossing the long tressle, Just north of Jeauxville,
Train 601 (above) rolls on.

Having just crossed the Basquel Bridge (above),
Train 601 is headed to Dutchman Falls.

Rolling through Dutchman Falls (above),
Train 601 keeps rolling northbound.

Train 601 passes a northbound local on
Ferne Bridge over Stone Canyon (above).

Train 601 (above) roars through North Park.

Continuing northbound, Train 601 (above), roars through Pincrest.

Train 601 (above), crosses Mary Anne Bridge, just north of Pinecrest.

Passing behind the corn crop, Train 601crosses Great Bridge.

Train 601 (above) continues through Maryville.

Leaving Maryville, Train 601 heads down grade (above).

Well, obviously, some of the coal was used to make lead!!!!!

Train 601 (above) leaves the only Tunnel on the
Sue Line Railroad and heads for Leming.

Train 601, rolls out of Leming.

Continuing northward, Train 601 (above) heads out of Leming
and on to Robert's Crossing.

Things look busy on the Check-Fill-A farm
as Train 601 passes through Robert's Crossing.

You can almost hear the roar of the engines as Train 601 passes northward.

Train 601 (above) slows as it enters the south end of Sue City.

Train 601 passes through Sue City (above).

Headed out of Sue City, Train 601 (above),
passes through the forests south of Robinson.

Leaving Robinson, Train 601 (above) continues northward.

Train 601 (above) passes by the station in Brandon.

At the end of its run, Train 601 (above) ,
enters Union Street Yard in Shreveport.