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May 31st- And the Fun Goes On...

posted Jun 2, 2012, 9:37 AM by Sue Line RailRoad
Here we are for another night of FUN- Running a model Transportation System- NOT PLAYING WITH TRAINS- Oh, well either way works for me.

My youngest son, Joe (above), has heft on The Eagle- back to St.Louis to his wife and his daughter to be.

Mose Crews (above) was back at his post as the Sue City Operator.

Paul Harwell (above)  is busy as the Maryville Operator (MOp)

Danny Garland (above), with his trusty WiiThrottle is building trains in Shreveport Yard.

Jim Willis (above)  is also building trains, but he is in Alexandria Yard.

All is now set for the mainline operators to being moving freight over the system.

Rob Robbins (above) is ready to move his train out of
the Marshall & East Texas (M&ET) Yard in Shreveport.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above) is about ready to take Train 77,
the Z-train or container train, over the mainline.

Marvin Bennett, Jr. is working his train in Robinson.

Rodney Dixon (above) is at work with his mainline train in Sue City.

Lionel Brangham (above) is seen working his train in Jeauxville.

Ken Ellison (above) in file photo was the "Keeper of the Ring".
Ken Ellison also took photos and was so busy he forgot to get a photo of himself.

The Dispatcher for this session, Richard Kamm (above)
kept most of the trains moving most of the time.

While the rest of the crew was busy running trains, David Colvin (above)
was working in the locomotive shops, preparing more locomotive for action

The Tale of the Ring.

Our tale begins with Train 134 South pulling out of I-49 Yard in
and taking the main (above) at Shreveport.

Train 134 South leaves the siding at South Morgan.
Train 134 South is powered by the entire Ring Equipped locomotive fleet.

A north bound local dims its headlight a awaits Train 134 South.

As the motive power come to life, Train 134 South takes the mainline.

With work to do, Train 134 South enters the intermodal yard at Shattuck.

The lead three units are left in the intermodal facility and
the BNSF unit prepares to switch the train in Robinson.

Everything seems quite as the BNSF unit works the tank car farm at Robinson.

The power has been put back together and is ready to return to the mainline.
Join us next week for more of the adventures of Train 134 South- The Ring Special.