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May 8th- Two Train Rides with Ken Ellison

posted May 13, 2014, 7:07 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated May 13, 2014, 7:48 AM ]
This week come along as we follow Train 85 and then Train 8.

Here we see Ken Ellison (above) using his WiiThrottle to run her train in Maryville.

Train 85, a mixed freight northbound train is seen
getting ready to leave Alexandria Yard.

Train 85 is seen at Crew Change (above)
getting ready to run north to Shreveport.

Train 85, with a pair of GP 38's is seen
entering North Park (above) on the mainline.

Train 85 (above) is passing Mardi Gras Mills in Pinecrest.

Train 85 (above) is waiting for a proceed signal at the north end of Maryville.

At Leming (above) Train 85 holds the mainline while
a southbound manifest is see on the siding.

Things are crowded in Sue City.
Train 85 is on the west mainline (above, right).
Another southbound train is on the east mainline (above, center).
The local switcher is noted (above, left) switching the Farmers Co-Op.

Train 85 (above) is noted passing the station at Brandon.

The power from Train 85 (above) is seen passing
thru Riverfront Yard on the way to the Diesel Facility.

The power from Train 85 (above) is seen on the way to the Diesel Facility.

Later in the session,we see the same GP38's having been
refueled and having had light service,  now on Train 8 (above),
a southbound container train waiting for a proceed signal at South Morgan.

Train 8 is seen at a grade crossing between
South Morgan
and Brandon (above).

Train 8 passes an oil pump north of Robinson (above).

Train 8 is seen pulling out of Robinson (above).

Train 8 is on the mainline in North Park (above, left)
while a local switcher idles near Bragham Industries (above, right).

Train 8 is entering the northend of Jeauxville (above).

Train 8 is seen entering NoLaCRA yard (above).

Many thanks to Ken Ellison
for the photos from the session.