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November 11th- Friends Come By, We Have Fun

posted Nov 13, 2010, 11:20 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Nov 13, 2010, 12:26 PM ]
Tonight we were able to play host to the first set of visitors after the upgrade.

       Mickey Guidros             Allen Evans Dick Schnider                Rod Fredricks

along with Art Houston, all from south Louisiana, joined of the a great night of operations.

Before the quest arrived, Rob Robins (above, standing) and David Colvin (above, seated) were setting decoder values with the SPROG II while Jason Busey (above, right) was balancing locomotives for the session.

JIm Willis (above) welcomed to guests for a brief tour and orientation.

Charles Kneipp (above) demonstrated with radio headsets used for communication to the dispatcher.

And Danny Garland (above) gave a brief review of the yard function and communications used.

Matt Tessier (above) took on the job of the Maryville Operator.

Paul Harwell (above ) took on the job of getting the guests read to run.

The ever dilligent Mose Crews (above) work the Alexandria Yard.

Charles Kneipp (above) worked the maintenance crew and help the guests to get ready to run trains.

Jason Busey (above) operated an AC4400 which he brought from his Kepler Red Line railroad as the Sue City Operator.

Jim Willis (above) operated the Shreveport Public Belt part of the railroad.

Ken Ellison (above, right) also worked the maintenance crew and is helping Rod Fredericks (above, left) set up a radio set foe communication to the dispatcher.

To no one's surprise, Danny Garland (above ) once again operated Shreveport Yard flawlessly.

Ron Brannon (above, left) kept a watchful eye on the guests and help keep them running and out of trouble. Rodney Dixon (above, right) joined the fun running trains on the extra board.

 David Colvin (above, left) was the Chief Dispatcher and worked with Rob Robbins (above, right) who was making his first run at the dispatcher panel.

Random shots from the session:

A follower of the website took me to task last week for not telling what was wrong. I though I had mentioned it, but for the one person, here it is:

1)    Bad RJ-12 connector on Dual Zone Master in Baffin Bay.
2)    Bad wiring at Richardson Jct., North Alex Yard and South Alex Yard.
3)    Bad connection to Zone Masters in Alex Yard.
4)    Bad butt connectors to track wiring in Alex Yard.

I hope this helps this individual.

If you have other questions end them to pathman@shreve.net.