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November 17th- Steam Night

posted Nov 27, 2011, 6:54 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Nov 27, 2011, 7:59 PM ]
All the diesels were gone, not a single diesel loco was on the layout. But there was steam, lots of steam. Steam here, steam there, steam everywhere.

Thanks to Rob Robbins (far left, below), Paul Harwell (left, below), Jason Busey (right, below), and Danny Garland (far right, below), there was plenty of steam to go around.

Rob Robbins (below, left) was the Maryville Operator (MoP). I believe that is a Shay (below, right) working cars in the Lake Hamilton Paper Company.

Danny Garland (below, left) was surrounded by steams locomotives (below right) in Shreveport where he worked as the Yard Master.

Jim Willis (below, left) was busy as the Yard Master with steam (below, right) working Alexandria Yard.

Rodney Dixon (below, left) was busy in Keithville as the Shreveport Public Belt which was also under steam (below, right)

The mainline was also full of steam:

Ken Ellison (above, left) is in Leming running a steam locomotive (above, right) with his WiThrottle-- A good mixture of the old and the new.

Paul Harwell (above, left) happily awaits his next train (above, right) to move out of I-49 Yard West in Blanchard.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above, left) inspects a steam loco he rewired and completed at home prior to running it on the mainline (above, right)out of Alexandria Yard..

Lionel Brangham (above, left) is enjoying a meet of two steam engines at Ft. Barrow (above, right).

Once again from Longview, Texas John Whitehurst (above, left) and his son Russell Whitehurst (above, right) were visiting and had steam on the mainline near Great Bridge, by the cornfield.

Dispatcher for the evening was David Colvin (above).


Two steam lead trains meet in Robinson (above)- Photo by Jason Busey

Steam is ready to leave out of I-49 East Yard in Blanchard (above)- Photo by Jason Busey

Steam awaiting orders on Track 1 of I-49 West Yard in Blanchard (above)- Photo by Jason Busey

Jason Busey with his "entire railroad" on the floor setting up the CV's in the Steam Locos.
Jason Busey spend about 5 hours doing this the Saturday before Steam Night.

David Colvin (above) spent 4- 5 hours the afternoon before Steam Night setting up Locos.

Two steam trains at work in Maryville.

The Maryville Operator (MoP) pushing grain cars up the E-Branch.

Steam in the Piney Woods on the Island in Baffin Bay.

Steam on Ferne Bridge over Stone Canyon.

Two steam trains meet in Pinecrest.

Lots of steam at Maryville.

Steam at the north end of Sue City.

A steam meet in Jeauxville. There the is steam, there must be passenger trains....