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November 20th- A Tale of Two Throttles...

posted Nov 22, 2014, 4:18 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Nov 22, 2014, 7:08 PM ]
This evening we will tag along as Rob Robbins (No picture taken) uses two different throttles on two different trains.

WiThrottle with JMRI

The first throttle used will we the WiThrottle using JMRI (Java Model Railroad Interface). The WiThrottle is available from Zemkies Unlimited at the AppStore for $ 9.95. Rob Robbins has assigned the throttle to channel 60 and will be running Train 810 from Elliott on the E-Branch to NoLaCRA Yard.

Here we see Texas, Colorado and Western unit 601 on the lead as Train 810 has left the hidden staging at Elliott and entered Eastman. The TC&W unit was a gift from Mark Eskew, a fellow modeler and friend who lives in Dallas, Texas.

Here we see Train 810 as it leaves Eastman and is crossing Black Bridge.

Train 810 is traveling through the wood on the E-Branch.
The trees are from Sweetwater Trees in Casper, Wyoming.

Train 810 is seen near a gravel road crossing on the E-Branch.
All of the towns on the E-Branch have names that start with the letter E.
The billboards are photos of actual billboards in and about Shreveport, Louisiana.

Train 810 has left Eagleton and is crossing the Sue Line mainline as it enters Maryville.
Maryville was named for my mother Mary Louise Kamm, who painted the
backdrop for the original Sue Line railroad which is downstairs and is becoming the 3rd District.

After passing through Maryville, Train 810 is seen crossing the Red River on Great Bridge.

Next,  Train 810 crosses Mary Anne Bridge who was built by a great friend and modeler who lived in Wichita Falls, Texas and played football for Texas A&M when they wore leather helmets, Malcolm Vordenbaum.

Train 810 is seen entering North Park on the Sue Line mainline.

Train 810 moves off the mainline into North Park (above, left) and is aided by the North Park Switcher (above, right). For those of you who follow closely, it should be noted that A&A TransAmerica has left North Park and that Arizona Chemical has expanded its operations. Several other changes are underway in North Park.

Having completed the work at North Park, Train 810 is
traveling through the woods again and headed for Dutchman Falls.

In Dutchman Falls, named for Malcolm "The Dutchman" Vordenbaum of Wichita Falls, Texas, the motive power of Train 810 is assisted by the Dutchman Falls Switcher, Missouri Southern number 612. EMGE Grain is named for my youngest son's wife Rebecca Emge Kamm.

A load of pipe is next spotted am American Pipe
(Am Pipe) by the motive power from Train 810.

As Train 810 works in Dutchman Falls, the Doran Oil and Gas (DOG) refinery
can be seen in the background.

With the work finished in Dutchman Falls,
Train 810 awaits a permissive signal at South Sherwood.

The train crews are appreciative of the
new "relief station" at South Sherwood.

Train 810 about to cross the basqule bridge.

Train 810 about to enter Jeauxville from the north.

The motive power from Train 810 is switching cars in Jeauxville.
Jeauxville is named for my youngest son, Joseph.
Again those watching closely will note that there are changes afoot in Jeauxville.
Industries are leaving and other industries are moving in.
Watch for more changes soon.

Train 810 has a permissive to move towards NoLaCRA Yard.

The Ring HC-2 Throttle

Train 85 is a northbound freight from Crew Change to Shreveport. Sue Line locomotive 3546 is MU'ed with another unit (Norfork and Southern number 5350). The front head light is on and the Mars light is on.

The Ring Throttle by Ring Engineering is an entirely new technology
in which the HC-2 (Hand Controller- 2) connectes to the LM-2 (Locomotive Module-2) by a direct radio link.

Multiple HC-2's can talk to each other and to the Locomotive Modules. Accessory Modules are available as well. The HC-2 retails for $ 399, but can be found for about $ 299. The HC-2 interfaces to a computer and the Ring Engineering website has photos, light effects and sound effects whic can be downloaded for free. The LM-2S (with sound) sells for about $ 80 and the LM-2 (without sound) sells for about $ 50. For most locomotives, you will also need a 8 to 9 pin adapter as the LM-2 or LM-2s has a 9 pin output.

We use the EasyDCC track as a power source only for the Ring System. This allows us to operate the Ring System Locomotives and DCC equipped locomotives at the same time.

Train 85 is seen in the woods between Richardson and Jeauxville.
Richardson is named for my oldest son Richard, Jr. Between
Richardson and Jeauxville is Lake Kathryn which is named for my daughter.

Here we see the motive power of Train 85 at various locations in Jeauxville.

Train 85 is passing through the woods between Jeauxville and Sherwood.

Train 85 is seen as it crosses the basquel bridge over the swamp.

Train 85 has not arrived in North Park and the local switcher has
picked up (above, left) and added a car to the train (above, right) .

Shots Along the Sue Line

The hot air balloon was added to the backdrop when a
large amount of black pain was accidently applied.
The black spot was allowed to dry and then painted over.

A delivery truck is on a back road on the E-Branch.

The depot in Eagleton appears to be busy.
The name for Eagleton was supplied by
a good friend and modeler Lou Adler.
He has never told me why the name was chosen.
The original name was to be Addlerville.

The work crew appears to be busy in the
region of Crew Change.

A supervisor is checking on the work crew.

A very special thanks to Rob Robbins
for the photos from this session.