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October 10th- A Southbound Z-Train Gives Lots of FUN

posted Oct 13, 2013, 10:13 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Oct 13, 2013, 11:07 AM ]
It was another night of FUN for the Sue Line Crew. Let's jump aboard a southbound Z train with engineer Marvin Bennet, Jr.

Having been built in Ginnings Yard, the south found Z-Train (left) passes a southbound train (right) between Ginnings Yard and River Front Yard at Midway.

The southbound Z-train moves past Colvin Grain into River Front Yard.

The southbound Z-Train enters track1 of River Front Yard.

The south bound Z-train moves up the throat of
River Front Yard headed towards Ashby Jct.

 The southbound Z-train heads into Ashby Jct.

The southbound Z-train gets a proceed signal at Ashby Jct.

The southbound Z-train passes through Ashby Jct (left) and into Busy Yard (right) via the "Rat Hole".

The southbound Z-train proceeds on the west main thru Busy Yard.

The southbound Z-train starts under the city of
at Stonewall Jct. (left) and
exits near Ferne Jct. (right)

Having left Shrevport behind, the southbound Z-train gets a
clear signal at the Morgan-Brandon ABS.

The southbound Z-train passes the station at Brandon.

At Robinson, the southbound Z-train takes the siding.

A northbound freight soon appears at the south end of Robinson.

As soon as the northbound freight leaves,
the southbound Z-train, leaves Robinson.

Headed for south bound out of Robinson,

the Z-train heads for Sue City.

As soon as the southbound Z-train enters Sue City,
it crosses the diamond where a tank train is working.

The southbound Z-train is on
the west main through Sue City.

Before leaving Sue City, the southbound Z-train
meets a northbound freight.

The southbound Z-train gets a clear signal
at the Colvin Family Lines crossing
in Robert's Crossing.

The southbound Z-train at Leming,
meets yet another northbound train.

Moving along, the southbound Z-train passes Crews Siding.  

The southbound Z-train gets a clear signal at the north side of Maryville.

The south bound Z-train moves off the mainline and
into North Park to switch the container yard.

The southbound Z-train passes through Sherwood.

The southbound Z-train enters Jeavxville.

Leaving Jeauxville, the south bound Z-train is
headed towards, Richardson.

The southbound Z-train moves through Richardson.

The southbound Z-train has entered NoLaCRA Yard
and come to a stop om Track 1.

A special thanks to Marvin Bennett, Jr. who was our photographer
and engineer for the first half of the run and to Ken Ellison
who was the photographer and engineer for the last half of the run.


Joining us the evening was Glen Weathers (left),
who was brought by Charlie DeVillbiss (right).
Welcome to Glen Weathers an an invitation to join
us again next week.