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October 14th- A Short Night

posted Oct 17, 2010, 1:20 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 6:19 PM ]
This Thursday began like any other-  with the Sue Line Group hard at work.

Danny Garland (above left) and Ken Ellison (above, right) started the evening by measuring for the placement of the old control panel, which was to return to the dispatchers office, mounted above the new dispather panels lie as a trophy.

Mose Crews (above, foreground) and Paul Harwell (above, background) began working on the 3rd District considering which tracks would tie to which tracks.

Ron Brannon (above) stopped to sharpen a pencil before joining the work in the dispatcher's office.

David Colvin (above) had just completed the task of grounding the EasyDCC command center and was starting to adjust the sound level on several locomotive pairs.

Jim Willis (above) was placing some finishing touches on the new radio headset and throttle center.

Charles Kneipp (above) was using "Mister Blinky" to debug some of the yard wiring at Blanchard.

and Charlie DeVillbiss (above) had just arrive to work on the Shreveport Public Belt.

Then it happened- the power went out and we were all into dark.

After a short delay, the power returned and....

With all hands on deck, the old dispatcher panel was hoisted into place in the dispatchers office.

David Colvin and Charles Kneipp had just returned to Blanchard Yard, and yes, that is my finger on the left, when the power went out for the second time.

With the use of cell phones and flashlights, the Sue Line crew was aboble to return from the layout room back down starirs to the group room, for a significant wait, before power was returned.

After which the power failed for the third time. And wes it was one, two, three strikes and you are out. Remembering the probelms that had to be corrected the last time we continued to work in the dark, we all went home. Sometime, nature wins!


Lillie Kate Chapman, of Baton Rouge, had her FIVE YEAR OLD birthday party over the weekend of the 16th and 17th. In her own words-- "Now I am a handful."