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October 15th- Road Trip to Jim Norwood in Ft. Worth

posted Oct 16, 2011, 3:40 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Oct 16, 2011, 3:54 PM ]
If you ever want to run the KCS in minature then Jim Norwood it your man.

Jim Norwood (above) assisted by two of his crew members, Ole Melhouse (below, left) and Jim Wise (below, right) was excellent hosts to a portion of the Due Line Crew.

Rob Robbins along with Jim Willis, Danny Garland and Paul Harwell made up one carload. Jason Busey, Mose Crews, Lionel Bragham and Richard Kamm made up a second carload. The day was a beautiful early fall day. The Sue Line Crew arrived about 1:00 pm and we had an operation session until about 3:00 pm. We took about an one break for soft drinks and discussion. Then we had a session from 4:0o pm until 6:00 pm followed by pizza and friend ship. Thanks Jim, for a wonderful day.

Orientation was brief but complete. Rob Robbins (above, left, black shirt) and Danny Garland (above, center, red shirt) and Paul Harwell (above, behind Danny Garland) along with Jim Willis (above, right,red shirt) are introduced to the railroad by Ole Melhouse (above, middle) and Jim Wise (above, far right).

Jim Norwood (above, far left) discusses the layout with Rob Robins (above, black shirt), Danny Garland (above, brown cap), Jason Busey (above, white shirt) and Jim Willis (above, red shirt).

A Day at Deramus Yard

Located on the lowest of the three levels of this KCS wonderland, Deramus Yard is a hot bed of action. Olmost every color scheme utilized by the KCS can be seen.

The view across the Yard throat at Deramus Yard highlights a pair of white KCS locos on a local freight.

Situated just above Deramus Yard, Cross Lake was a busy point for train meets.

Like layers on a cake, many trains can been seen at either Deramus Yard (above, lower level) or Cross Lake (above, upper level).

The Yard Office at Deramus Yard.

The Deramus Yard workstation had all you need. The Railcommand Throttle, The RailOps switch list and a container for pencil and uncoupling sticks made from 1/4 inch PVC.


Down De Queen looks busy.

There is great attention to detail on the entire railroad.

The Union Street Station (above, left) appears quite busy, but the A&P Building (above, right) does not.
Oh, I forgot it is a weekend.

Railroad to the left of me, railroad to the right of me, everywhere I look I see a beautiful railroad.

Another fine example of attention to detail.

The GM Plant onm the west side of Shreveport.

Detail is everywhere, layers and layers of detail.

Thanks again, JIm Norwood (above) for a wonderful day of running on your KCS.