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October 16th- Ken Ellison Runs the Shreveport Turn from Sue City

posted Oct 19, 2014, 8:31 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Oct 19, 2014, 9:00 AM ]
After welcoming our newest addition, it was back to having FUN as usual.
Let's follow Ken Ellison (below) has he runs the turn from Sue City to Shreveport and back.

Here we see Train 165 (above), the northbound leg of the Shreveport Turn from Sue City. Sometimes this can be a very busy train,but tonight there is only one car in the train.

Train 165 has reached the north end of Robinson and is preparing to
set out the lone car at the Marquette Union Terminal (MUT) Interchange.

The locomotives from Train 165 are pulling the cars from
the Marquette Union Terminal (MUT) Interchange.
A general rule on the Sue Line is to spot incoming cars
at the end of the spur or interchange track.

The two cars on the Marquette Union Terminal (MUT) Interchange are
pulled and attached to the car to be spotted.

Having let the one car, the locomotives from Train 165
rejoin the caboose and run non-stop to Shreveport.

After arriving in Shreveport, the locomotives are
switched onto Train 168, the southbound leg or
the return trip to Sue City. A new caboose is also added.
Here we see Train 168 waiting for clearance
at the south end of Morgan City.

Train 168 has reached Brandon.

Train 168 is about to leave Brandon.
Is the roadname on the white boxcar mispelled?

Train 168 has reached Sue City and the cars in the consist
will be spotted by the Sue City Operator (SCO).

The locomotives and caboose from Train 168 are
moved to a storage to await another turn job.


I believe that the turns shows that you don't have to switch a large number of cars to have FUN.