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October 22nd- Jeauxville

posted Oct 23, 2015, 2:28 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Oct 23, 2015, 3:31 PM ]
As a teenager, by youngest son Joseph when through a phase were he wanted to be called Jeaux rather than Joseph or Joe. Rather than fight it, I went along and named this town Jeauxville in his honor.

Once again, the map is created and drawin by Sue Line Crew member Charlie Devillbiss.

Let's take a look  at Jeauxville beginning on the north end and going down the east side and then the west side. 

We have just left the long trestle north of Jeauxville (above).
All of the buildings are a photo backdrop with
trees, flowers and rocks on the layout.

Here we see another group of buildings on a photo backdrop again
with trees, scrubs, flowers and rocks on the layout.
The blending, done by Sue Line Crew member David Colvin,
makes it hard to see where the layout starts and the backdrop ends.
This technique is used extensively in Jeauxville.

As we continue southward, we see another blending
of photo backdrop and layout scenery done by
Sue Line Crew member David Colvin.

Here we see a flat representing Delta Industries (above).
The LED lighting has been done by Sue Line Crew member David Colvin.

Next we have another flat representing Noise R Us Fireworks (above).
The flat is by Rascal Flats and the sign by Miller Advertising.

Once again, we are back to a photo backdrop with 
trees, plants and hedges on the layout (above).

Next we see part of Colvin Family Compress (above).
A loafing dock has been added on the front.
Just north of the ADN boxcar you can see a photo
that has been added in the doorway for greater depth.

Another photo backdrop, this time we see the
Riverview Restaurant (above) which again gives depth to the scene.

This flat is the rest of the Colvin Familty Compress.
Separating the buildings by a photo backdrop gives 
a feeling of a larger complex.

Continuing southward, we have another flat from Rascal Flats
with blending into the layout scenery.

This is a kit of a famous housing complex originally
modeled by famous modeler Earl Smallshaw.

Next door. we see another photo backdrop (above)
with blending into the layout scenery.

The last photo backdrop (above) give an illusion of depth to the scene.

To the south of Jeauxville we see more woods.
The sign is a button from the Hard Rock Cafe (above).

Now, let's go back to the north end of Jeauxville and 
see the industries along the west side of town.

Here we see the end of the wharf from another view.

Near the start of the wharf, we see part of the John Allen Oil Company (above).

Here we see the rest of the John Allen Oil Company (above).
The wharf is a modified Walther's Kit, done by Sue Line Crew member David Colvin.
The storage tanks are metal structures.
The stone building was made by the late famous modeler and photographer,
John Allen. John Allen gave this building the the late modeler Cliff Robinson
of Dallas, Texas, who gave it to me.
My grandfather was a modeler in Hartford, Connecticut.
He had a good friend and fellow modeler, Watson House, 
who later in life, he moved to Monterey, California and joined
John Allen's model railroad group.
A look at John Allen's layout will show the Watson House hotel
which hid a corner jutting out in John Allen's railroad room.
The John Allen Oil building was made from leftover casings from 
the Watson House!- It is a small world.

Moving to the south, we see the beginnings of
Chornell Cement (above). This industry is dedicated to the
the late Canadian modeler David Chornell who
died much too young.

The south most industry on the west side of Jeauxville is Buchanan Grain (above).
This complex also was a gift from the late modeler Cliff Robinson of Dallas, Texas.

As we say good-bye to Jeauxville, we see the cliffs which separate 
the mainline from Lake Kathryn (above). 
Lake Kathryn is named for my daughter, Kathryn Sue Kamm,
who livers here in Shreveport, Louisiana.


As you can readily see, Sue Line Crew member and good friend, 
David Colvin has had a major role in the development of
Jeauxville- from the backdrops to the LED lighting, to
many of the structures.

When he is not modeling, David Colvin is an 
active physician at HealthCARE Express is Shreveport, Louisiana, 
an outstanding member of his church where he does
numerous things for the church. and 
a wonderful husband to his beautify wife, Julie Colvin.

David Colvin also loves traveling, especially by rail.

To you,I can only say thanks for all you do.