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October 25th- A FUN Night of Running Trains

posted Oct 28, 2012, 8:04 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Oct 28, 2012, 8:06 PM ]
It was a night like many in the fall, crisp and clean as the years slowly begins to wind down. It was like evrey other Thursday night for the Sue Line Crew, s time to have some FUN.

Ken Ellison (above) is using his WiiThrottle to run his Extra Board
southbound train as it leaves out of Union Street Yard in Shreveport..

Charles Kneipp (above) is concentrating on his Extra Board
north bound train as it enters in yard at Shreveport.

Ron Brannon (above) is checking the crew call
board while standing near the B&E Fruit House.
Yes, Ron Brannon is also training to be a
volunteer Caddo Pasrish Deputy Sheriff.

Rob Robbins (above) is using his T9000E throttle
to run his Main Line train as it switches in Sue City.

David Colvin is in charge of this Main Line Train as it runs through Leming.

Rodney Dixon has a three unit lash-up of engines
on his south bound Extra Board Train as it enters Brandon.

Paul Harwell (above) is watching his train as it switches in Maryville.

Mose Crews (above, tan hat) is building and receiving trains in Shreveport Yard.

Jim Willis (above) checks his paper work in Keithville
as he runs the Shreveport Public Belt Line.

Danny Garland (above) kept the trains rolling
as the Sue City Operator.

Marvin Bennett, Jr. (above) looks confused as he works the
Lake Hamilton Paper Mill as the Maryville Operator.
Marvin looks like he has put on a little weight since
last week, but the pumpkin diet appears to have left him a little jaundice.

Lionel Brangham (above) is using his WiiThrottle to run Alexandria Yard.
This was his first night "running solo" and he did a very good job.


One of the workmen at Willis Lumber in Leming is about to enter the office.

Two "locals" discuss train while sitting on the loading doc at Leming.

These workers are busy at Willis Lumber in Leming.

A North Bound Local pulls through Leming on the mainline.

A North Bound Coal Train waits on Ferne A. in Shreveport.

Things appear slow at R. C. Taylor's Store in Leming.