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October 28th- Many treats and one BIG trick.

posted Oct 30, 2010, 6:14 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Oct 30, 2010, 6:49 PM ]
Thursday started like most sessions, a little work and then off to play, but before it was over we found a problem from the past has come back to haunt us.

Mose Crews (above right) started out in Alexandria Yard and he was to later start us on a new course for next week. Working with Mose at this time is Charles Kneipp (above, left)

Danny Garland (above), once again took over the Shreveport Yard area.

Jason Busey (above) took charge as the Sue City Operator and things began to hum along.

Paul Harwell (above, left), once again began at the job of the Maryville Operator (MOP), but was soon replaced by Matt Tessier (above, right). Paul Harwell then moved to the mainline.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above, left) and Ron Brannon (above, right) were also on the mainline and with....

Ken Ellison (above, left) and Charles Kneipp (above, right).

Also on the mainline this evening was David Colvin (above).

All appeared to be going well until about 9:00 Pm. At about that time,

Mose Crews (above) announced "I've had all the "fun" I can stand pushing the trains around as they do not run in Alexandria".

I hunt for the cause was then undertaken. The most likely culprit was the radio links, but they were eliminated by trying to run  the locomotives directly from the EasyDCC Command Center.

Mose and I then got out the oscilloscope to see what was happening on the rails.

    Connected to a zone which is OK.         Connected to a zone where the                                                                                     locomotives do NOT run well.

Well once again we are being bit in the butt by two old friends.
Haste makes waste and speed kills....................

In our rush to get finished, we overlook something and now we are paying the price.

Next week, we will not run, but we will be searching out the cause of the problem and HOPEFULLY correcting it.